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Milkshake Manis Are Winter’s Hottest Nail Trend

Whip up some mood-boosting mani inspo for 2024.

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Milkshake Nails
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If you thought January was all about those chilly winds and post-holiday blues, think again! We’re here to shake things up in your beauty routine and brighten your days. Say hello to the ‘Milkshake’ nail trend, a delightful twist on the classic white manicure that’s taking the beauty world by storm and making it the ultimate winter mani.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s so special about this trend? Picture your favorite milkshake flavors – strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, banana, and more – all recreated on your fingertips. Intrigued? We thought you might be! Ahead, we dive into this creamy, dreamy nail trend that’s bound to make your winter a whole lot sweeter.

Why Milkshake Nails Make the Perfect Winter Mani

January is often associated with icy temperatures and dull, gray skies, but that doesn’t mean your nails have to follow suit. The ‘Milkshake’ nail trend is the perfect remedy for those post-holiday blues and an excellent choice for a winter mani. Why do we love this trend so much? Let us count the ways…

  1. A Splash of Color for Winter: After a season filled with deep burgundies and sparkly reds, it’s time to inject some fun and vibrancy into your nail game. Milkshake nails bring a pop of color that can instantly lift your spirits even on the gloomiest winter days.
  2. Versatility Galore: The best part about this trend? It’s as versatile as your favorite milkshake menu. Whether you’re feeling fruity with strawberry or blueberry nails, craving something classic like vanilla, or going for a bold caffeine kick with coffee, there’s a milkshake-inspired nail look for every mood.
  3. Playful and Whimsical: Milkshake nails are all about whimsy and playfulness. These delightful designs will put a smile on your face every time you catch a glimpse of your nails. Who said nails couldn’t be a form of self-expression and fun?
  4. Easy to Achieve: You don’t need to be a nail artist to rock this trend. Your best bet is to DIY it. There are many gorgeous glue-on or press-on nail styles available to help you achieve the look at home.
  5. Complements Winter Wardrobes: While it might be winter outside, your nails can still bloom with the colors of spring and summer. Milkshake nails are the perfect complement to your cozy sweaters and dark winter outfits, adding a touch of warmth and excitement to your overall look.

Milkshake Nails

It’s time to shake off those winter blues and indulge in some colorful nail art that will keep you smiling all month long. Whether you’re a classic vanilla, strawberry fanatic, a chocolate connoisseur, or a lover of all things creamy and dreamy, there’s a ready-to-wear milkshake mani waiting for you. You can glue on your milkshake nails in minutes with KISS or skip the glue all together and simply press them on with imPRESS. Cheers to a sweet start to the year and the perfect winter manicure.


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