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We’re Obsessed with the NEW colorFX by imPRESS Nail Collection

These next level nails are shaking up the mani-verse.

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imPRESS nails have become an essential in my beauty routine. Like most of us, my day to day is beyond busy and being able to multi-task and find “life hacks” for my self-care regimen has become a necessity. imPRESS Manicures require NO GLUE, take minutes to apply and are totally goof-proof. I am often putting them on in Ubers, in between meetings and any time I have an “omg, I forgot to get a manicure” moment. Now with a new and improved adhesive for superior hold for up to 7 days, these nails stay on and stay flawless and do NO DAMAGE to your natural nails. Resolution season is in full swing so it’s the perfect time to break up with your nail salon and become an imPRESS manicure maven.


The chrome nail trend is going STRONG and the NEW colorFX collection takes this trend to a bold and exciting level. The nails, described as “color reimagined” are chromatic, metallic and glittery. They range in shades from cream to magenta and have really cool effects. Some look like cat’s eyes, others have a lava-lamp vibe and some are just subtle and shimmery. Going to a salon and getting a similar manicure would cost a small fortune. These ring in at $10.99.

 I spoke to Kristin Giarrusso, the Global Marketing Director of imPRESS, for a deeper dive on the collection. “We are so excited about the launch of colorFX and bringing consumers an instant at-home no glue mani in the trendiest chromatic shades that cannot be achieved with regular nail polish. We think this collection is going to resonate with our existing imPRESS fan base while also attracting new imPRESS customers.”



These nails have been a permanent fixture in my rotation since the colorFX collection launched. Every style is amazing and they feel more like a fashion accessory than just a regular mani. Even if I am wearing jeans and a tee, I instantly feel like I’m having a fashion moment. Below are some of my favorites from the collection. You can shop the collection here. Buy in multiples and let me know what you think!


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Rachel Belkin