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9 Modern French Manicure Ideas to Elevate Your Summer Style

These chic and stylish French manis will be everywhere this summer. Here's how to get the look.

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While I adore a classic French mani moment, and that has always been my go-to, as a longtime beauty editor (who is obsessed with fashion and nails), I’m thrilled to see how this timeless style is getting a major modern makeover for summer 2024. This season, we’re seeing the French manicure totally reimagined; a refreshing mix of pastel and neon palettes, swirls, negative space, geometric designs, chrome and metallic finishes, outlined ombre, and even bedazzled French tips are beginning to flood our summer social media feeds. (So many manicure ideas, so little time!)

Whether you’re a fan of subtle elegance or bold statements, there’s a modern French manicure update out there with your name on it. So, let’s dive into a whole new world of modern French manicures and explore why they’re the epitome of pretty. Plus, I’ll share some of my favorite creative twists on French tip styles for you to shop or screenshot for inspo!

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8 Twists on the Class French Mani

The French manicure, known for its elegant simplicity, is getting a major makeover this summer. We’re talking about playful variations that maintain the manicure’s iconic charm while adding a dash of modern flair. Here are some of the hottest trends happening right now.

1. Reverse French: Flip the script with a Reverse French manicure, where the color is applied at the base of the nail instead of the tip. It’s a subtle yet striking way to update the classic.

2. Negative Space French: This minimalist approach involves leaving parts of the nail bare, creating a chic, understated look that’s perfect for those who love simplicity with a twist.

3. Geometric French: Think sharp lines, angles, and shapes that give your tips an edgy, contemporary feel. It’s all about precision and playing with form.

4. Ombre French: Gradient lovers, rejoice! The ombre French manicure blends colors seamlessly from the base to the tip, offering a dreamy, soft transition that’s utterly enchanting.

5. Metallic French: Add some shimmer to your tips with metallic accents. Whether it’s gold, silver, or rose gold, this trend brings a touch of luxe to your nails.

6. Textured French: From matte finishes to glossy sheens, playing with texture can transform the overall vibe of your nails. It’s all about the appearance of texture.

7. French with Fun and Festive Colors: Who says French manicures have to be white and pink? Dive into a spectrum of colors, from neon hues to pastel shades, for a lively update.

8. Decorated and Bedazzled French: Fancify you French with 3D nail art; rhinestones, tiny pearls, or delicate decals that add sparkle and personality to your manicure.

9. Floral French: I think this one might be my favorite for summer 2024. I love to add a little flower power to my manicures, and with this style, you can really freshen up your look in a fun and playful way. Check out some cute new floral French styles below.


Out with the cold, in with this hue! Welcome spring with nails as vibrant as the season itself. 🌞 Which no glue needed mani style will you be applying first? Let us know in the comments.

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These creative takes on the French manicure are more than just pretty—they’re a reflection of individuality and personal style. They offer a way to experiment with trends while maintaining an air of sophistication. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile, making them suitable for any occasion, from casual brunches to glamorous soirées.  And if you aren’t already sold, I would be remiss not to mention fresh takes on French manis were frequently spotted on the New York Fashion Week runways. In fact, I love the look of black French tips so much, I wore it for a night out on the town recently. In this post below, I am wearing imPRESS Design in style ‘For the Night’. It took me five minutes to apply in my hotel room. There’s no glue needed so all I did was press them on and I was good to go!


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