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Top 5 Floral Fragrances to Beautify Your Spring/Summer 2024

Unveiling the must-have floral fragrances of the season.

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As we transition from the beautiful blooms of spring to the vibrant vibes of summer, it’s time to update your scent game with the freshest, flirtiest floral fragrances hitting the shelves this season.

Ahead, I’ve gathered my top picks for floral fragrances that are sure to put a spring in your step. Whether you’re looking to splurge or find that affordable gem, I’ve sniffed out the best new releases that promise to bloom on your skin. Let’s dive into my favorite new floral fragrances that are worthy of a place in this season’s fragrance rotation.


MCM CRUSH Eau de Parfum

Floral fragrances

Price: $110

Purchase at: mcmworldwide.com

Why I Love It: This is a flirty scent that boldly declares summer is on the way without whispering. Its notes of lily of the valley and Turkish rose intertwine with amber to create a warm, inviting base spiked with a zesty, youthful twist. It’s like capturing a breezy spring walk in a chic, modern bottle. This scent is officially my go-to ‘date-night’ scent this season.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild

Floral fragrances

Price: $160

Purchase at: sephora.com

Why I Love It: Daisy Wild takes the iconic Daisy fragrance to a spirited level with wild berries and flowers at its heart, making it vibrant and oh-so-playful. It’s your perfect companion for sunny days and spontaneous adventures.

Bond No. 9 New York Flower

Floral fragrances

Price: $410 for 100ml

Purchase at: Bond No. 9 boutiques and BondNo9.com

Why I Love It: New York Flower by Bond No. 9 is a tribute to the vibrant floral tapestry of New York City. Featuring a sophisticated mix of tulips, orchids, and rose, fused with a hint of green stem for depth, this scent captures the dynamic and diverse spirit of NYC in spring. It’s luxurious and exquisitely balanced, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate an urban floral sophistication that’s as lively and eclectic as the city itself.

Ellis Brooklyn Florist

Floral fragrances

Price: $105 for 50ml

Purchase at: Fine fragrance boutiques and EllisBrooklyn.com

Why I Love It: Dive into a fresh, verdant explosion with Ellis Brooklyn Florist. This modern floral is crafted with a crisp blend of Sicilian lemon, green leaves, and a heart of peony and jasmine. It’s like wearing a bouquet of the freshest cut flowers, evoking the charm and beauty of a lush garden. Ideal for anyone looking to embody the essence of spring in a bottle.

NEST New York Lychee Rose Eau de Parfum

Floral fragrances

Price: $92 for 50ml

Purchase at: Sehora.com

Why I Love It: This intoxicating blend from NEST New York brings a delightful fusion of juicy lychee and tender rose, creating a lush, romantic scent perfect for the warmer days ahead. The addition of a subtle musk base adds depth, making Lychee Rose not just a fragrance but an experience, reminiscent of a serene stroll through a blooming garden at dawn. Its light, crisp notes are ideal for anyone seeking a fragrance that’s both refreshing and richly floral.

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