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HOT SUMMER TREND ALERT: The Coastal Granddaughter

The ultimate vibe of summer 2023.

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Coastal Granddaughter

She looks comfortable, but polished. She is not a big city type of girl, as she loves her coastal small town vibes. She is the suburban cool girl, unbothered by the fast-paced lifestyle of the metropolis. She likes to live a slow life, visit her local coffee shops and boutiques. She owns a home or a vacation spot in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyards or the Hamptons. You can always find her at the beach or at her grandma’s waterfront home. She takes her bike everywhere. She is the ultimate vibe of the summer. She is the coastal granddaughter. 

Get The Coastal Granddaughter Look

If you’re also captivated by this particular look and desire to embody the most fashionable summer style, discover how you can effortlessly transition into your coastal granddaughter era.

MANGO Oversize striped shirt, $59.99

DJERF AVENUE Breezy Shorts Blue Stripe, $89 & Breezy Shirt Blue Stripe, $107

HELMUT LANG Slip Tank Top, $345

HELMUT LANG Cable Knit Cardigan, $170

saltwater LUXE, Shayla Midi Dress, $129

Naturally, we are starting with the coastal granddaughter fits. Think cotton, linen and knit. Flowy, feminine and effortless. We picked some of our fave pieces from the brands we love that fit the aesthetic perfectly.

LOEWE Large Basket bag in palm leaf and calfskin, $690

CELINE Medium Triomphe Celine Classic Panier In Palm Leaves And Calfskin Tan, $760

L.L. Bean Boat and Tote®, Open-Top, $29.95 – $44.95


Moving on to the accessories that are a coastal granddaughter must – woven handbags and boating totes such as these from LOEWE, CELINE and L.L. Bean. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly version of the woven handbag, we suggest checking out Amazon for more options. 

MANGO Leather straps sandals, $59.99

Hermès Oran Sandal, $700

CELINE Triomphe 01 Sunglasses in Acetate In Blonde Havana, $510

UNCOMMON JAMES Roped Hoops, $48

MARIS PEARL The Ariel Pendant, $100

EMI JAY Super Bloom Clip In Coconut, $15

Finally, to really tie in the look together these accessories are a must. Every coastal granddaughter knows how to achieve the perfect combination of style and seaside charm when it comes to accessorizing Think pearls, rope and tropical flowers. 

The coastal granddaughter is a vibe you’re going to see everywhere this summer, so get ready to embrace the effortless beauty and laid-back charm of this coastal look. By blending practicality with coastal-inspired elements, this style guide empowers you to effortlessly exude a sense of relaxed sophistication, whether strolling along the shoreline or attending a seaside gathering. From breezy fabrics and nautical motifs to sun-kissed colors and effortless layering, we celebrate the coastal lifestyle and encourage your personal expression through fashion choices. Embody a sense of carefree elegance and capture the spirit of coastal living in your everyday attire. Dive into the world of coastal fashion and let your style reflect the serene beauty of the sea. Let us know if you’re giving this look a try!  

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