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Watch: How to Apply Pressies Perfectly

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Need some advice on how to apply imPRESS Manicure like a pro?  Let’s take it to TikTok!

@impressmanicure @Annabel 🎀 Blogging Tips “🥰How to apply press on nails so they last all week! 🌸Follow my steps to apply your press on nails properly so they don’t pop off the first day! 🎀My favourites are the imPRESS Manicure nails and I am wearing a pair from the Couture collection in this video 🎀🥰 🔑 The key is the always choose nails that already come with the adhesive on the back. This adhesive is much stronger than nails that aren’t made with and adhesive and need to be glued on 🔑That’s why I use impress manicure because they are the only nails that come with the strong adhesive already manufactured onto the nail 🔑The adhesive they created is so strong and using the steps in the video, your nails should last all week. Buffing and applying rubbing alcohol are the most important steps to ensure your nail bed is clean and is a good base for the nail to stick onto” #impressmanicure #pressonnails #diymanicure ♬ original sound - impressmanicure
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Janene Mascarella