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10 Timeless Beauty Tricks That Still Ring True

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While trends, tools, and products change at a dizzying speed, there are always those timeless bits of beauty wisdom that endure the test of time…and an army of TikTokers! Here are some tried-and-true tricks that are still worth their weight in lip gloss.

1. Brush your hair each night. Grandma’s advice to brush 100 strokes each night was a little excessive. But, brushing your hair from roots to tips for a few minutes before bed distributes your natural scalp oils and contributes to shiny healthy hair.

2. De-puff with cucumber. Sure, there are tons of pricey products out there that can do this job, but if you chill two slices of cucumber in ice water and place them over your puffy eyes for a couple of minutes, poof–you’ll look instantly awake.

3. Wear sunscreen religiously. This is a no-brainer but it’s always worth a reminder. It’s so much easier now because sunscreens are formulated to be light and easy to apply, sometimes even combined with moisturizers and makeup so there are no excuses not to protect yourself against the damaging UV rays.

4. Use two shades of blush. Long before the Kardashians made kissy faces for the camera, iconic movie stars and beauty gurus of the past counted on contour. Movie stars like Grace Kelly were known to use two shades of blush– a darker one underneath the cheekbones and a lighter shade for the apples of the cheeks.

5. Don’t pump your mascara wand. You might have heard this before, and wondered if this was really a bad thing, but truth be told, there is a very good reason. Pumping introduces air into the tube, literally trapping any bacteria. Instead, twist your mascara brush within the tube or make little circles as you slowly remove the wand from the tube.

6. Use Olive oil as the ultimate beauty elixir. Sophia Loren is a well-known fan and incorporating olive oil into her routine has long been one of her classic beauty secrets. The time-tested, easy-to-find ingredient is also a mainstay in lots of YouTube DIY beauty recipes today!

7. Shave your legs with hair conditioner. This was a smooth move back in the day and if you’re out of your good shaving stuff, it’s totally worth trying. If it’s an affordable hair conditioner, it’s a great way to save some bucks on your beauty routine. (Please don’t waste your precious Olaplex on your legs!)

8. Zigzag your part. Roots showing? Grey hair taking over? The best way to fix it quick (without dying your hair) is to simply zigzag your part.

9. Use your ring finger.  Who knew there was a softer, gentler finger of the bunch, but as crazy as it seems, it’s true. Using your ring finger to apply makeup, skincare, or concealer puts the least amount of pressure on your skin. Oh, and never pull around the delicate areas of your eyes.

10. Elevate your legs.  Next time you Netflix and chill, prop your feet up on a few pillows to help improve circulation in your legs.

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