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Dolphin Skin: The Shiny Beauty Trend You’ll Want to Dive Into

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Here’s how to get the glowy “Dolphin Skin” look using JOAH Beauty skincare and makeup must-haves. (All supercharged with skin-loving ingredients!)

Living in the digital age, we are constantly subjected to new beauty and makeup trends. First it was glass skin, then it was the glazed donut skin and finally we turned to the ocean for inspiration. Enter “dolphin skin.” A viral beauty phenomenon  guaranteed to permeate the fabric of our society, from red carpet looks to our everyday lives. No one will be immune to this hyper-shiny beauty trend. 

What does glass skin, glazed skin, and dolphin skin all have in common? The looks are based on a dewy, hydrated and luminous skincare base amplified by just as glistening makeup application. The term dolphin skin was coined by social media and fully inspired by makeup looks created by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips. While MUA herself never used that term to describe her dewy red carpet looks, online creators felt to need to give this wet, fresh-out-of-the-water look a buzzy name “dolphin skin.” 

How do you achieve dolphin skin look? 

GET PREPPED: We all know that great makeup starts with a great base, that’s why the most important step of this look is to properly prep the skin. Begin by washing your face with a calming and moisture-restoring cleanser such as Heal Me Cica Gentle Foam Cleanser. Crafted with antioxidant-packed camu camu extract and traditional skincare ingredient, centella asiatica (aka CICA), this cleanser is perfect for sensitive and redness-prone skin. Follow up with Heal Me Cica Toner pads, perfect for skin smoothing and reducing the look of pores. For finishing touches, apply the Morning Glow Hydrating Overnight Mask, a collagen and  hyaluronic acid infused cream and Instant Prime Activator (Hydrating & Brightening Primer), a lightweight, universal primer that will leave your skin hydrated and brighter. Final step: prep your pout. I love Sugar Doctor Lip Renewal Mask for a pillowy soft lips.

MAKEUP: The next step is to apply makeup in light layers. It’s  important to note that the same rules apply to both makeup and skincare. Think about how hydrating and luminous the makeup products are before the application. We are not looking to mattify, but to amp up the glow. 

1. It all begins with a great base makeup. When it comes to our complexion products, I swear by JOAH’s triple threat Primedation All-in-One Foundation. Supercharged with a luminizing peptide, hyaluronic acid, collagen and blue light defense this foundation will boost skin’s radiance for a perfect makeup canvas. 

2. Now let’s give tired eyes a jolt of awakening energy with the Perfect Complexion Eye Serum Concealer. Enhanced with ceramides and peptides this serum concealer is like an espresso shot for tired and dull under-eyes.

3. Time to highlight and contour with Crystal Glow Tinted Luminizer, the ultimate multi-tasker for highlighting, contouring, and all over radiance. Enriched with CRYSTALIDE™ this product will give you that dewy and glowy finish.

4. To give the look a little oomph, make sure to finish it all off with Liquid Rays Highlighter (Pink Dawn or Golden Hour).


And there you have it! You officially have achieved “dolphin skin”. Now go out there, make a splash, and dazzle them all!

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