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The Hot Hair Style for Fall: The Wolf Cut

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Photographer: Anna Chernobaeva | Makeup: Phiphi Liang | Hair: Jamie Wiley | Stylist: Anica Buck | Model: Claudia Barnard

Ah-ooh…TikTok is wild about the Wolf Cut. Should you try this ~ slightly untamed ~tousled hair trend?  Let’s discuss.

What is the Wolf Cut?

Simply put, the Wolf Cut is a shaggy haircut with shorter layers on top that blend into a curtain fringes, explains celebrity hair stylist Jamie Wiley.  The haircut (which is ideal for short or long lengths) frames the face and disconnects to the length in the back, that is soft and wispy. This, she says, gives the haircut choppy layers and separation with a ton of movement.  Keep in mind, the Wolf Cut is not a shag or a mullet, says Wiley. It has short layers on top and long choppy layers on the sides and back, with a disconnection that gives it that modern feel.

What type of personality fits the Wolf Cut best?

Wiley always asks her clients if they want their hair to whisper, talk or shout, and asks how much attention would they like to draw to themselves with their haircut and style. “With the Wolf Cut, this is a whole vibe, so to me it shouts,” she says. “The personality that fits best is someone making a statement like, I have arrived, let’s get this party started!”

Are there variations to the Wolf Cut hair style?

According to NJ-based celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Korab, yes, it’s not a one-cut-fits-all kind of hair style. Depending on the overall length and the length of the layers, she says you can create this cut on long, medium and short hair. But you can indeed have fun with it and make it your own. “This haircut has a lot of texture and tends to be on the messy side,” Korab adds.

What are some things you should know before you get the Wolf Cut?

Before committing to this haircut, be cautious that the short top layers will take some time to grow out, warns Wiley. “So, when transitioning this haircut to another style consider cutting the back shorter to begin blending in with the sides and top.” She says you can wear it in your natural texture and enhance it with texturizing products like Pureology’s Texture Finishing Spray for definition and movement.

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  • Jamie Wiley is a sought-after stylist with a flair and passion for education. She is an accomplished author and master stylist with over 13 years of experience. She is recognized internationally for creating elaborate Avant Garde concepts, intricate braided looks and editorial stories featured on magazine covers and spreads across the globe. Her creations have graced the runway of over 70 designers.
  • Jennifer Korab, is a well-versed hair stylist who specializes in hand-tied extensions and hair color, and has worked NYC Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, as well as working on multiple celebrity photo shoots. She has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Real Simple and Popsugar and is the creator and founder of Renaissance Salon & Spa located in Hillsborough, NJ.
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