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I Tried the Siren Eyes TikTok Trend

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Sultry, mysterious, enticing…TikTok’s hottest summer beauty trend “Siren Eyes” is still going strong for fall. Here’s how to get the look.

There is something quite fascinating about the fact that certain makeup techniques can completely change the shape of your face. Over the summer, content creator @DanielleMarcan wanted to add some seduction to her stare, so she used flicks of jet-black eyeliner along the inner and outer corners of her eyes, and there you have it, a new TiKTok trend was born. Since then, #SirenEyes has racked up some 713.4 million views. The Siren Eye is meant to lift and elongate your eye shape to create a sultry, seductive eye, similar to the fox eye or cat eye trend. The results are rather dramatic, so I decided to give the viral trend a try.

Diving in.

After watching over 30 different tutorials, I had a hard time seeing the major differences between a cat eye, smokey eye, and siren eye. The most significant differences were that the eyeliner is drawn straight out, rather than upwards, and it stops in the middle of the upper lash line rather than drawn across. Additionally, you should add a bit of liner in the inner corner and add a half lash. (Tip: Cut your favorite lashes in half.)

Siren Eyes – it’s a vibe.

In Greek Mythology, The Sirens were a group of partly human female creatures that lured sailors into destructive rocks with their singing. So, the vibe we’re getting out of these trends is this dark, feminine, powerful energy that is enigmatic, mysterious and yes, undeniably seductive. And the reason why I think it’s just a vibe is because in some videos people were absolutely loving the Siren Eyes, (if the person had this mysterious energy) and on other videos people mostly commented “It’s just an eyeliner!” I also think if you naturally have almond shaped eyes, the effect may even be more dramatic.

Currently, we are in our villain era and people are loving the light feminine vs. the dark feminine. The light is generally angelic and exudes love, whereas the dark is all about being devilish and plays with desire.

Here’s how I achieved Siren Eyes:
  1. I started with a base color. In this case, I love a good light brown color.
  2. Concentration, because that eyeliner has to be sharp! I drew the line straight back, instead of upwards!
  3. I connected and filled the liner. Don’t apply liner on your upper lash line, it should stop right before. Draw a little line in the inner corner of your eye.
  4. Pretty straight forward! Mascara baby, or better yet, FALSCARA!
  5. Apply black eyeliner on your waterline.
  6. Cut your favorite lashes in half and apply.

  • Applying a black shadow around the top and bottom water lines (and focusing it upwards) will create the siren effect.
  • Dark liquid eyeliner can add a more drama, or you can change the traditional makeup look with a splash of color or some gemstones.
  • Whichever technique you use, the makeup look will have you radiating sexy, strong energy.
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Chrissy Diaoune