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Falscara Just Dropped 4 New Wisps Styles – And We’re Obsessed

New exclusive lash styles are here and ready to make major statements!

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With summer in full swing, it’s time to take your lash game to the next level! Say goodbye to pricey salon lash extensions and hello to the fabulous world of Falscara. These DIY lash extensions are about to become your new best friends, giving you luscious lashes that will make heads turn wherever you go this summer and beyond. Get ready to embrace the ultimate eye-catching power with the four newest additions to the Falscara family: L Curl, D Curl, Cat Eyes, and Mocha. Trust me, your peepers will thank you!

What’s so unique about Falscara? Unlike traditional falsies, Falscara wisps are tiny clusters of featherlight false lashes that go under your natural lashes, so the bands aren’t visible. That’s what makes them look so natural! What I love most about Falscara…they’re buildable and customizable and re-wearable up to three times with gentle care.  Oh, and if you want to give your lashes a little extra staying power use Overnighter ($10.99, sold separately) for extended wear. Yep, with Overnighter, those gorgeous lashes will stay put and perfect for up to 10 days. Read on to learn all about the new salon-style DIY lash extension styles.

Get Ready to Slay with the Hottest New Falscara Wisp Styles

L Curl: A high angled lash lifting effect.

Oh, la la, get ready for lift-off! If you want lashes that scream volume and drama, this style is your go-to. The FALSCARA WISPS MULTIPACK L Curl ($7.99) is all about delivering a glamorous, red-carpet-worthy look. Picture yourself with long, luxurious lashes that sweep up and out, giving your eyes that irresistible wide-eyed effect. Whether you’re attending a swanky soiree or just want to slay your everyday makeup game, the L Curl will be your secret weapon.

D Curl: The epitome of flirtatiousness.

Want to add a touch of playful allure to your gaze? Look no further. The FALSCARA WISPS MULTIPACK D Curl ($7.99) is all about delivering a sultry, lifted effect that beautifully frames your eyes. These lashes are perfect for those seeking a natural yet captivating look. With just a few easy steps, you can achieve the coveted “I woke up like this” appearance that will have everyone wondering what your secret is.

Cat Eye: Sultry and sexy, ready to elongate your eyes for a flirty look.

For those who desire an extra touch of feline fierceness, The FALSCARA WISPS MULTIPACK Cat Eye ($7.99) is your best bet…(Meow!) If you’ve ever envied the captivating gaze of our feline friends, these lashes are here to fulfill your dreams. With a combination of shorter and longer lashes, the Cat Eyes style creates an alluring winged effect that instantly adds drama to your eyes. You’ll feel like the queen of the concrete jungle, ready to conquer the world with your captivating gaze.

Mocha: Perfect for those with light hair, looking for a more natural look!

Finally here! The FALSCARA WISPS MULTIPACK Mocha ($7.99) are perfect for those who crave a soft brown color and a touch of volume and curl. These lashes have the perfect blend warm, earthy tones that beautifully enhance your natural eye color. These lashes bring depth and intensity to your look, making them ideal for both daytime and evening wear. Rock that sultry, coffee-inspired vibe with Mocha DIY lash extensions, and watch as heads turn in your direction.

Get Them While They’re Hot!

Now that you’ve been introduced to these four stunning Falscara wisp styles, it’s time to unleash your inner lash guru. With easy application and long-lasting results, you can effortlessly transform your lashes into a work of art. So go ahead, embrace the L Curl for a dash of Hollywood glamour, opt for the flirtatious lift of the D Curl, unleash your inner wildcat with the Cat Eyes style, or add a touch of warmth with the Mocha DIY lash extensions. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless!

How to Apply Falscara
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