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5 Fragrances That Legit Smell Like Ice Cream

Get the scoop on these good-enough-to-eat scents.

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It’s summer and time to talk about ice cream. Going out for a scoop is one of my favorite rituals in July and August. I’m an equal opportunity ice cream girl and am just as happy with a plain vanilla soft serve cone as I am with a serving of vegan pistachio rosemary swirl. Sometimes, my palette and my waist need a break from ice cream. This is when I turn to the treat in fragrance form. There are so many perfumes that have the scent of my favorite flavors. These fragrances are not juvenile or headache-inducing in the slightest. They are elevated, nuanced and simply luxurious. Check out some of my favorites that are literally good enough to eat…

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Pistachio ice cream is a personal favorite of mine. This luxurious scent smells like pistachio gelato you would get on the island of Capri. It is sweet, but sexy and also has notes of whipped cream and vanilla.  

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The name of this perfume is almost as amazing as its scent which has notes of marshmallow and ginger. It is sweet and musky and has amazing staying power.

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This fragrance has been around forever and for good reason. It has rich vanilla notes mixed with sweet touches of blackberry. In terms of ice cream comparisons, I see it as like a farmer’s market offering of blackberry vanilla cobbler made with just-picked berries and the freshest of creams. 

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Think of this scent as a decadent version of your favorite Mr. Softee chocolate and vanilla swirl. It has notes of Hinoki wood which balance out the perfume and give it a sophisticated earthy quality. 

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This lightweight, made for layering scent has an addicting creamy vanilla bean aroma . It is sweet and clean and we love it mixed with the lotion of the same name.  

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