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The Hot Nail & Lash Collab: BIA X KISS

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Say hello to the ~smoking hot~ brand ambassador for KISS fashion nails and false lashes, international rapper, singer-songwriter, and model…BIA! Have you checked out the BIA X KISS Collection yet?  The lash and nail collab made its debut this summer…and still going strong! The multiplatinum artist has hustled for years to create her brand of narratively rich and emotional music, and though she has all eyes on her now, she possessed the same bulletproof confidence even when nobody was watching. BIA’s bars are powered by her hard-won self-assurance, and her nails and lashes are powered by KISS! 

The KISS HQ was abuzz a few weeks ago when BIA dropped by, and I’m not ashamed to say I totally I fan-girled out on her. (She gave me the most genuine hug, and OMG, she was the ABSOLUTE SWEETEST!)

We are all pretty much obsessed with her here and as it turns out, she loves KISS just as much!

“What I love about KISS and what makes them such a great partner is they put beauty in the hands of everyone – so you can make yourself feel as glam as you want or as daytime as you want or as nighttime as you want, all with just the help of a few products,” says BIA.

Here are the deets on the BIA X KISS collab:

BIA’s love for long nails, bold designs and nail art made her the ideal partner for KISS Fashion Nails with hundreds of styles, colors, and collections to choose from, with the KISS Gel Fantasy collection being her favorite. The KISS Gel Fantasy collection features a variety of stunning designs, longer lengths, and trendy shapes – which BIA loves!

BIA is known for her bold makeup looks that are always complete with impressive lashes. As the market leader in false lashes, KISS has styles that complement all of BIA’’s looks from more natural wisps to big, bold, and dramatic lashes with the new KISS Masterpiece Lash collection, another BIA favorite. The collection is KISS’ highest most luxurious lash yet and features its innovative long tapered technology giving each fiber a seamless taper for a natural effect.

We certainly love a good party! Here’s a peek behind the scenes at a recent event held in NYC.

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