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Have You Heard of Cookie Cutter Contouring?

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Photo credit: John Kasko

31 million views from one post on TikTok. It’s so satisfying to watch!

Just when you thought you had this whole contouring thing down pat, another one swiftly emerges. It’s official: the internet is sweet on cookie cutter contouring and it’s literally blowing up on TikTok, racking up 31M views from 1 post by Gillian Grace.

Gillian is a viral beauty TikToker popular for her daily makeup-focused “Get Ready With Me” lives and hacks for lip staining, heatless sock curls, contouring and more. Her contouring content has gone viral – she contours with an array of tools that create unique shapes, which she then blends in. These include cookie cutters, straws, bottles, and even LEGOs. A little crazy, but whoa, we are totally intrigued. Cue the heart-eye emojis!

What Is Cookie Cutter Contouring?

It turns out, the technique is exactly what the name implies. Using the cutest, most adorable cookie cutters to contour your face. Who knew you can get glam by raiding your baking supply drawer?! The real magic is when she blends it all in. It’s pretty mesmerizing…

@gillianxgrace 🍪 CUTTER CONTOURING!!! I’ll put the ones I used in my bio in my Amazon store! @REVOLUTION blush & contour! #makeup #makeuphacks #makeupturorial #contour ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush

Ready to give it a whirl? Below, Gillian tells BEAUTIFY how it’s done:

1. I like to squeeze and spread out the cream contour I am using on a makeup mixing palette and use a spatula to spread it out into a thin, even layer. This helps ensure each part of the cookie cutter is coated evenly with the product when you press it into the mixing palette.

2. Stamp the cookie cutters where you would normally apply your cream contour products.

3. Use light pressure while stamping and have a steady hand to avoid smudging the product.

4. I love to apply a hydrating makeup priming and/or setting spray all over my face prior to blending the Cookie Cutter Contouring. This adds hydration to the skin and your sponge/brush, making it easier to blend, especially if the products dry down.

5. My most important tip: HAVE FUN! Makeup artistry is all about expressing yourself, being creative and having fun. Happy Cookie Cutter Contouring, it’s so cute you might not want to blend it out.