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TikTok’s ‘Face-Lifting’ Concealer Hack Is Pure Genius – Here’s How to Achieve It

Need a lift? It's all in the angles.

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Wait, what?! What if I told you we can lift that beautiful face of yours with no going under the knife, no PDO threads, no filler, no Botox… straight concealer. Go ahead and grab your favorite concealer honey, because are getting you that lifted look you love. Mastering this viral TikTok trick can instantly lift, sculpt, and define your face, and is all about proper location and strategic angles. (Hello, bone structure!) Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:


Apply some concealer right above your inner eye mid-way to your brow and continue that lifted line from your brow arch up to your temple. Trust the process…you may feel like you look a little cray, but just go with it.


You’ll want to apply your concealer on your under eyes, but not how you may normally apply.  Here, the key is less is more and working smarter not harder with the product. Apply a small amount of concealer below your eyes making a triangle. Once you have that, now apply more concealer in a straight line at the end of your lower lash line to your mid-temple of the side of your face. 


Stroke the concealer at each side of the nostril, again at a 45-degree angle lifting up – are you seeing the pattern here?


Apply concealer at a 45-degree angle from the corners of your lips where your top and bottom lips meet. 


For all lifted lines, start blending it out softly, even in a tapping manner, avoiding blending it too much to the point the lines of concealer are melted into your skin.

So, what do we think? I hope you give it a try and you love your lifted, snatched face.


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