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I Tried Cutting Curtain Bangs – And I Absolutely Love It

A little fringe can make a big difference.

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You’ve probably already heard of curtain bangs, and if you didn’t, just think about Matilda Djerf’s luscious blond hair. She is our Pinterest inspiration and has been rocking the curtain bangs look for the longest!  When done right, curtain bangs are elegant, classy, effortless, and absolutely stunning. I got scissor happy and decided to cut my own bangs. (I promise, I am not going through a break-up.) And yes, I am cutting my wig so it’s technically still “my” hair.

The style has roots in the 1960’s and 1970’s. However, the modern interpretation works with a variety of textures and styles, including messy waves, voluminous blowouts, ponytails and more.

What are curtain bangs?

‘Curtain bang’ is a clever name because it has the same effect on your face as a set of beautifully draped curtains on a window. They are a more personalized version of straight-across bangs designed to enhance specific face characteristics.

Curtain bangs can be customized to fit any face shape to instantly give your look character. Adding long, sweeping or textured bangs can instantly refresh someone’s look without committing to a full chop. While I’ve heard curtain bangs look best on long hair, I think they look great on short hair as well!

Inspiration for curtain bangs

As I was browsing through TikTok (which is my new Google), I stumbled across many different tutorials. It seems pretty easy and straight to the point. I recommend starting with super long bangs and then going shorter to avoid any mistakes. There are different types of curtain bangs such as long, wispy and heavy curtain bangs. To create my look, I added short wispy bangs and thin curtain bangs.

How to style curtain bangs

I would say that curtain bangs are pretty low maintenance but still require some styling! My favorite Blow Drying brush is from Drybar! It adds immediate volume and makes the process so much easier. To hold the curl I am adding some rollers. 

KISS Professional Magnetic Roller Snap-on – X-Jumbo 6-pc. set

I absolutely love them… such a cute hairstyle!

Pro Tip: If you are nervous about cutting your real hair you can always try a wig OR even better get Hairclips from Amazon!

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