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How to Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Hair

Hair repair 101.

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Does your hair need a little extra TLC?  You may need to think about ways to beautify your lock from the inside out. While haircare products works wonders on dry, brittle, hair, something you have to take it one step further and consider ways to nourish your hair on a deeper level. As the saying goes…’you are what you eat.” So with that in mind, we asked a haircare expert to weigh in on the topic. Here’s to good hair days ahead!

Can certain foods help beautify your hair?

The most important foods for thicker, stronger, healthier hair are those high in protein and collagen, as well as Biotin and vitamin K says Lisa Abbey, hairstylist and founder of Strength x Beauty, a clean, luxury hair + body care brand. “Be sure you’re getting enough biotin and vitamin K – both vitamins are key for strong healthy hair and nails,” she say.  “If your hair is shedding more than usual or won’t grow past a certain point, you may be deficient in biotin and vitamin K. Biotin is found in lean meats like fish and chicken, eggs, and soy products. Vitamin K can be absorbed from leafy greens or vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. A diet rich in protein & collagen supports hair health.

Why is protein essential for healthy hair?

Because our hair is essentially ‘made of’ protein (the cortex of our hair – the visible strands that extend out from the scalp – is primarily made of keratin proteins and amino acids – with keratin protein being the primary material) our hair needs to maintain its’ protein levels to stay healthy and strong, explains Abbey. Maintaining the protein levels in our body and specifically hair, skin, and nails can be achieved both topically with treatments and products, and internally through diet.

Do you need more protein in your diet?

According to Abbey, when the hair proteins become weak or damaged (think chemical processes, over-bleaching and heat damage), you’ll begin to experience breakage, thinning or hair loss. Additionally, a lack of protein or a protein deficiency in your diet has been linked to hair fall and hair loss, because protein is an essential component of the hair.” Fortunately, this can be reversed by increasing your protein intake, she adds. “It is also thought that a protein-rich diet helps the hair (and nails) grow thicker and stronger. The ideally recommended amount of protein for hair health is considered to be 50-60 grams per day – typically one serving of lean meat will give you about half that.”

Can topical proteins help?

Yes, protein-enriched conditioners and styling products can help, says Abbey. You can also boost the protein level in your hair (and help make it stronger and smoother) by using keratin-infused conditioners and hair styling products. She advises:

  • Conditioner: A protein-based conditioner actually helps build the hair up and make the strand feel thicker, which is especially recommended for fine, thinning or fragile hair.
  • Styling products: Styling products that contain keratin proteins or plant-based Keravis PE ‘fill the holes’ in each hair strand caused by heat and chemical damage to bond and strengthen weak or damaged areas and help prevent breakage. They also make the hair look healthier, as they smooth the surface and help reflect light so the hair looks shiny.
  • Coconut oil and marine collagen. Coconut oil and marine collagen in hair products are both excellent sources of topical protein. Both add strength and shine to the hair (and can be found in all of our products :).

What about collagen?  

“Studies show that the regular use of collagen supplements promotes hair growth and hair strength,” says Abbey. “Collagen promotes hair growth and strengthens the scalp dermis by delivering much-needed amino acids and proteins to the hair follicle and can help reduce hair fall or hair loss by supporting the bodies’ antioxidants and protecting the hair and skin from damaging free radicals.” Ingesting Collagen powder or supplements daily can help increase hair density and reduce shedding and hair fall, she adds, resulting in increased hair volume and improved shine and thickness.


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Lisa Abbey is a hairstylist for 35+ years, as well as Founder & CEO of Strength x Beauty, a clean, luxury hair + body care brand.

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