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Look Good, Do Good: Introducing the KISS Colors & Care Foundation

Empowering students is always a beautiful thing.

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KISS Colors & Care

We love when our favorite beauty brands make big philanthropic moves. In a world where beauty can sometimes feel superficial, it’s cool to see companies using their platform for do-good efforts. From supporting women’s health and wellness to environmental conservation, these companies are making a difference in the world while helping their customers feel beautiful inside and out. KISS Colors & Care, a leader in the textured hair care market, is the  latest brand to announce their MAJOR initiative. They just launched the KISS Colors & Care Foundation, a philanthropic program established to create positive, lasting change to under served communities by providing robust educational and career development resources by providing robust educational and career development resources. 

“At KISS Colors & Care, we believe everyone has the right to an education, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. We are committed to supporting our communities, which is why we are launching the KISS Colors & Care Foundation. These three distinct programs will help future leaders realize their full potential,” said SVP of Global Marketing Annette DeVita Goldstein.

The foundation will include a three-pillar program: the Future Leaders Fund, Next Generation Scholarships, and Career Pathways. Each pillar will support a different education related age group (primary school, post-high school and college) by providing resources to propel students forward in their education and career development.

Pillar 1

Future Leaders Fund, will provide educational and funding resources to support educational initiatives for the New York City communities of color, now and for generations to come.  

Pillar 2

 Next Generation Scholarships, will provide graduating high school seniors with scholarship funding to attend a post-secondary school of their choosing. Those eligible to apply for a scholarship will submit an application with a high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, letter of acceptance from an accredited college or vocational school, and a 3-minute video explaining their desired career path, and goals. This is going to be a big presence on KISS Color & Care’s social media feeds so be on the lookout!

Pillar 3

 Career Pathways, is an eight-week paid summer internship at KISS Products Inc. corporate headquarters. Working with NY minority educational programs, it is designed to expose, engage, and educate rising college seniors by giving them tangible, real-world experience within a corporate environment. 

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