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Ep.7: Cue the Swoon!

imPRESS Press-On Falsies FOR THE WIN!!

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Janene Mascarella (EIC of Beautify.tips by KISS) + Vanessa Coppes (EIC & CEO of BELLA Magazine) share their current beauty, fashion, and lifestyle must-have’s.  From the best websites to score major deals on designer clothes, to the latest doctor-designed skincare, top TikTok makeup trends and more.  

Also in this episode, Janene shares the exciting news about how imPRESS Press-on Falsies won a coveted 2023 Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Award. Cosmopolitan’s beauty obsessed editors say imPRESS Falsies are a must try, and the two (equally beauty-obsessed) EIC’s share why they agree that these NO GLUE press-on lashes are a total game-changer.

Vanessa drops all the details BELLA Magazine’s swoon-worthy Fall Fashion Issue cover star Nigel Barker, who will also host the cover party in September. Plus, you don’t want to miss Janene & Vanessa’s go-to wining & dining hotspots in the NYC area, such as Sparrow Kitchen & Cocktails in Garden City, NY and The Best Sichuan in NYC.




Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Award Winner 2023!!! imPRESS Press-on Falsies, with pre-bonded breakthrough technology, are a game changer. The first ever press-on under lash application lets you lash in one simple step. With no mistakes and no mess, these lashes are for everyone!

Pyramid Brow Down Betches Brow Kit  ($49.99)

Limited Edition Brow Kit with three must-have brow products to define, refine and sculpt your brows to perfection. This kit is the ultimate solution for all your brow needs! This kit comes equipped with everything you need to create perfectly shaped and defined brows.

Nassif MD Detox Facial Pads ($30)

Exfoliate and brighten skin with facial detoxification pads that provide a glowing complexion. Formulated with glycolic acid and salicylic acid, these exfoliating pads cleanse and visibly reduce the look of pores, even out skin texture and prevent breakouts while optimizing the absorption of treatment products after application.

Nassif MD Radiance Brightening Booster – Vitamin C Serum ($60)

Help reverse the signs of aging, dark spots and sun damage with Dr. Nassif’s clinically proven, concentrated 10% Vitamin C treatment serum. Janene is so obsessed with this serum!


Osmosis Calm Gentle Retinal Serum ($85)

This sun-safe, anti-aging formula gently brings your skin to life with liposomal-delivered collagen targeting ingredients and antioxidants. Essential nutrients restore a youthful complexion without irritation, making it gentle enough for rosacea.

Janene’s Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Birthday Dress

BELLA’s Fall Fashion Issue Coverstar: Nigel Barker

Janene & Vanessa in the News

Hottest Nail Trend

Wining & Dining Hotspots

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