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Around the World in 7 Beauty Products

You don't need a passport to get the best products ,from serums to sunscreen, that span the entire globe.

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These days, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets to stock up on the world’s best beauty products. Yes, it would be amazing to browse a French pharmacy (and eat a fresh-baked baguette), then pick up some sunscreen in Barcelona in the same week, but unfortunately, this is not a reality for most of us. Instead, we rounded up some of our favorite international beauty must-haves that you can easily stock up on from the comfort of your couch. Scroll down and add to cart!



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This silky serum from Peru is packed with hyaluronic acid, peptides and Super Sacha Inchi, an Amazon nut that is the richest source on omega 3s on earth. It can be purchased on Beautyologie.com. This website was founded by Robin Tolkan-Doyle and sells only ethically sourced beauty products. “Just like our food system can promote unfair labor practices, the same goes for our skincare ingredients,” Tolkan-Doyle explains. “The products we use on a daily basis are made up of ingredients from all around the world. When fair trade practices are put into place, we can be assured the producers are being paid fair wages, there is gender equality in the workplace and child labor is not an issue. With so many beauty products in the world, my goal is to have more people seeking out the ones doing good, not harm.”


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This French pharmacy brand has a cult-like following in the States and with good reason. This lightweight body oil has the perfect hint of shimmer and can be used on the face, body and hair and is 100% vegan. The bottle is charming and instantly makes our bathroom counter feel like a Parisian apothecary. 

Photo: Beautyologie

Coconut oil is a must have in any beauty routine. It is accessible, moisturizing and smells delicious. This one by Conscious Coconut is made in small batches sourced from a local Filipino community. It is fair-trade and the company ensures fair payment for  factory workers and farmers. This is the prime example of doing good while looking good.  

Photo: Ahava

For over 30 years, this Israeli brand has been making products using Osmoter™, a signature blend of potent minerals sourced directly from the Dead Sea.  It is created through natural solar evaporation of the Dead Sea water and contains uniquely balanced levels of minerals essential to human skin, including Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium. These bath salts are super healing and leave your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. 

Photo: Violet Grey

This Spanish sun care and skincare brand has been getting a lot of press and gaining a celebrity following. This sunscreen is designed specifically for sun-damaged skin and is made with proprietary DNA Repairsomes®. These naturally-occurring enzymes are clinically proven to repair existing sun damage for fully-protected, even-toned skin. The formula is lightweight and even doubles as a makeup primer. It might be pricey, but fans say it is worth the money.

This lightweight moisturizer, available on Beautyologie, also works to regenerate and restructure the skin as well as boosting its elasticity. The brand is popular in Asia and Africa, but is slowly gaining traction in the United States.  Co-founded by Madagascar-born Stephan Helary, the brand is fair-trade certified and works with local harvesters throughout Africa to source three key ingredients that power its products: marula, baobab and rooibos.

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This award-winning organic and female-led beauty brand from New Zealand combines cutting-edge science with high quality natural and organic ingredients. Most products in the line are plant-based, with a high level of organic ingredients, some vegan in formulation. All cruelty-free. Beauty insiders and makeup artists are a fan of this line, especially their hand creams, eye creams and night formulas. We love the scent of the Delight cream and its sleek tube is just plain adorable.


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