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Meet Carly Broderick, Founder of Miles

“Our products use naturally derived and sourced ingredients, distinctive scents developed BY teens, and are wrapped in an inclusive, all-gender brand.”

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“We rise by lifting others.”

At Beautify.tips, we love to shine the shine the spotlight on brave entrepreneurs who weren’t afraid to build their own brand, blaze their own trail, and be their own boss. Here are their journeys…

About My Brand

Miles is a personal care brand designed specifically for teens and tweens. Puberty is fierce and Miles is here for the journey! Our products use naturally derived and sourced ingredients, distinctive scents developed BY teens, and are wrapped in an inclusive, all-gender brand. 

How it Began

During early COVID in the Spring of 2020, we were in lockdown and my kids and I were experiencing remote learning for the first time. My son was 10 years old and in a health class on puberty – but because of remote learning, he and I were going through the curriculum together! It got me thinking about how he would soon need deodorant. As I thought about what product I would get for him, I realized there was no “go-to” personal care brand for teens and tweens during this time in their lives of tremendous change. And once I started thinking about this whitespace, I couldn’t stop!

Early Challenges

It was painful and hard at times. Creating a challenger brand in a large category dominated by legacy corporations and during the global supply chain crises is not easy! One example of this is right when my manufacturing partner was supposed to begin Miles’ initial production run for my largest retail partner, they informed me a key ingredient in my formula was experiencing global shortages and we couldn’t manufacture. I had to call my retail partner and push off the launch. It was my lowest point but led to changes that needed to happen. I changed contract manufacturer partners and reformulated Miles deodorant to ensure supply chain stability. 

Hero Product

Miles Fresh Deodorant neutralizes body odor with hardworking, plant-based ingredients designed to stop odor-causing bacteria, absorb wetness and soothe the skin. It’s extremely popular with all genders and I think it’s because of the scent. I wanted a scent that invigorated the senses. I was making a recipe using grapefruit segments and when I was slicing the fruit, I realized how heightened my senses were from the scent! 

Fresh is an invigorating blend of grapefruit, ocean minerals and a hint of agave. I call it the “driving with the windows down” scent – the way you feel on a bright, warm spring day.

Most Rewarding

Hearing from parents that not only do their teens and tweens love Miles, but that they are wearing it without having to be reminded! Teens and tweens are really embracing Miles as their own brand, which was my goal. It’s been exciting to meet an “unmet” consumer need and fill the whitespace that exists in personal care for these generations.

What’s Next

We have an exciting new scent launching later this Spring!! And Miles will be expanding into other personal care categories beginning next year.

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