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Everything You Need to Know About The Office Siren Makeup Trend

Meet our new office crush.

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Office Siren Makeup Trend
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When it comes to current beauty trends, like “Strawberry Girl Summer” makeup or the “I’m Cold” look, makeup enthusiasts typically find it via the ever-popular social media app, TikTok.

There is a new trend circulating on the platform, but interestingly the origin of this look dates all the way back to the 90s. A simple yet sultry, in a “cool girl” lowkey way, makeup style dubbed “Office Siren”. 

What is an Office Siren?

An office siren is a hyper-sleek woman who typically has her hair up in a pulled-back bun or straightened with a precise middle part, a wardrobe consisting of neutral shades and the occasional jewel tone, and oval or rectangular-shaped glasses. Serena, Gisele Bündchen’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada”, is a perfect example. 

Beauty brand owner and content creator Sarah Cheung also provides the perfect demo for how to get the “Office Siren”, along with a few key styling points like which glasses to pair with the makeup look. 

The “Office Siren” Face Beat

One of the key components that the “Office Siren” look is a face beat that borders the line between matte and glowy.


Remember the “Office Siren” first reigned supreme in the 90s when powder foundation was at its height, so the base makeup for the “Office Siren” look is a smooth, matte finish with the barest hint of a glow to the skin. You can achieve this look with products from Joah Beauty like the “Enrich Your Base Bundle” ($28.88), which consists of a Blurring Matte Primer ($11.99), the “Hydrating Eye Serum Concealer” ($11.99), and the “Perfecting BB Cream” ($9.99), and a “Loose Setting Powder” ($8.99) and the “Extreme Stay Setting Spray” ($12.99) to lock everything in for a busy day at the office or a night out on the town. 

Office Siren Makeup Trend

With lips, there are a few different routes you can take to get this ready-for-the-office-and-the-club vibe. For example, you can rock a nude-y, gloss lip with a lip liner a shade or two darker than the natural color of your lips or you can go with a matte burgundy-red lip for a vampier version of the look. 

@isabellrrose 2000’s Office Siren Makeup 💼 wearing @Nova Beauty eyeshadow in smoky, lipstick in heaven, eyeliner in black #officesiren #officesirenmakeup #2000smakeup #corporategirl #makeuptutorial ♬ som original - lino

As much as we love a bushy brow moment, like the base makeup, the “Office Siren’s” brows are also influenced by the 90s, meaning sleek and a bit on the thinner side. By no means are we suggesting you have to pluck out your naturally gorgeous, fuller brows, but try to keep them slicked back and drawn with a defined end, which you can achieve with a product like the Joah Beauty “Brow Pencil & Gel” ($10.99).

Office Siren Makeup Trend

For eye makeup, my favorite part of this aesthetic, it’s best to go with super cool-toned brown and gray shades for a highly-blended out smokey eye, which you can further define with a smoked-out black, grey, or dark brown pencil liner or a short, sharp black cat-eye liner. 

And as much as we love a bold blush moment, it’s best to go with a light application of a pink or peachy blush or simply go in with a cool-toned bronzer to help round out the “Office Siren” face.

Get The Office Siren Look

Two of the best things about the “Office Siren” aesthetic is how easy it is to paint this beat and how you more than likely already have the items you need are already in your cabinet or makeup bag. 

And if you don’t already have them, here are a few products to stock up on for the “Office Siren” look, or for whatever next trend TikTok has in store for the girlies. 

As much as we love an over-the-top, fluffy lash, “Office Sirens” are known for their lush, “natural” lashes, like these 12-millimeter “Nude Blazer” or “Wide Slacks” lashes ($12.99), which are also both great clothing staples to have for this aesthetic.

When it comes to what type of nails an “Office Siren” would sport, there are one of three routes you can take. 


You can go with a semi-long red or burgundy-colored nail, typically with an oval or coffin shape, like the “Winery in NYC” set ($7.99), “Warm Witches” ($9.49), or “Maple Glazed” ($11.99) if you’re seeking out a shorter nail.

Also, if you’re looking for a way to have an “Office Siren” moment for the ‘gram, you can’t go wrong with a headset and a nail file, like this green-tea infused nail file ($2.99), as you roll your eyes at the camera.

The “Office Siren” is all about channeling a poised, but fierce version of yourself who’s just as ready to lead a meeting as she is to sip a martini at the bar. 


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