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The Latest Beauty Trend Comes Shaken Not Stirred: ‘Martini Makeup’

Cheers to a luxe fall look.

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Martini Makeup

Summer 2023 has been all about food and drink-themed makeup and beauty trends; from blueberry milk nails to strawberry girl makeup. Just as we’re about to hit the season of latte makeup, darker hair tones, and leaf-inspired manicures, TikTok hits us with another beauty trend, Martini Makeup.

If you don’t know what the martini makeup look is all about or are unsure about how to get the look for yourself, just keep on reading to find out!

What is martini makeup?

The martini makeup look is all about setting the vibe of a person of interest mysteriously and attractively drinking a martini at the bar or in a group of laughing, equally charming friends. 

There are a few elements to this jet-setting makeup style:
  • You want your skin to appear as flawless and glowing as possible so start off the look with a moisturizer and primer, and then go in to perfect the skin by concealing, color-correcting, and applying a soft layer of foundation. Then go in with a glowing, not glittery, highlighter on the upper part of the cheekbone and slightly above the browbone. 
  • Keep the brows on the softer side, then lightly fill in your brows as needed and use a clear gel to make sure the hairs stay in place. 
  • For lips, you can go with a light brown nude lip or a vampier, more purple-toned one. While a gloss is optional, I would recommend going with a matte or semi-matte lip so you won’t have to worry about smearing your lipgloss on the rim of the martini glass. 
  • Arguably the eyes are the most important part of the makeup martini look. The goal is to make your eyes look sultry and a little bit playful, and if you really want to play into the martini theme, add in some pops of green. Use a greyish brown or purple-y eyeshadow over the top and lower lid and blend it in a way to elongate your eye shape, smoke out the eyeliner with a dark brown or grey liner, and then add in a green eyeshadow (preferably shimmery) in the inner corner. 
  • If your hand is steady enough, add in a cat eyeliner for an extra flare of flirtatiousness and film-noire vibes. 
  • Make sure your lashes are flirty and thriving with a thick coating of mascara, preferably a waterproof formula to avoid smudging. Not for crying but from laughing loudly with a fabulous group of friends over a round of drinks. Better yet, skip the mascara and go with FALSCARA. These Mocha Wisps ($7.99)  are tiny clusters of featherlight false lashes that go under your natural lashes, so the bands aren’t visible. That’s what makes them look so natural! The soft deep brown shade is perfectly on trend for fall.

How to get the martini makeup look

If you’re a bit tired of the clean girl makeup look or more cutesy styles like the “I’m Cold” beauty trend, then the martini makeup look may be just up your alley. 

Here are a few products you can use to get the look. 

The Glamlite Dirty Martini Palette ($35) is chock full of gorgeous, glimmery green shades (say that five times fast) that resemble the translucent glow of a martini glass and its contents in a romantic bar lighting.

The Spectrum Collections Makeup Martini Cocktail Makeup Brush Set ($78) is a ten-brush makeup set that will help you complete this alluring makeup look from start to finish. The brushes come in adorable pink-and-green cylinders designed to resemble a cocktail shaker with a cartoon martini printed on it. The brushes’ bristles come in a yummy olive-green tone to help you get into a martini (virgin or otherwise) drinking mood. 

The Give Me Glow Cosmetics pressed pigment “Dragon’s Blood” ($22) is the ultimate shimmery green shade to pop on top of your lid for a martini makeup mood. This gorgeous pigment has pops of blue, teal, and yellow gold to give the color even more dimension. 

The JOAH Beauty COLOR HAUL EYESHADOW PALETTE in Smokeshow ($11.99) features 12 dynamic shades, including 5 shimmers, 6 mattes, and 1 stand-out pearlescent, ‘Danggg’ – with a glistening rose quartz-inspired sheen.

How to shake up (not stir) this beauty trend

As beauty influencer Zoe Kim Kenealy demonstrates, there are a few ways you can play around with the martini makeup look. 

There is the expresso martini look, inspired by the coffee-flavored drink of the season. The beauty style consists of a milky chocolate brown eyeshadow, a dark brown liner rimming the eyes, fine glitter placed under the lower lid line, a subtle purplish-red lip, and a glowing highlight to the skin. This is for the latte makeup girlies at a cool lounge bar or on a flirty night out.

These KISS GEL FANTASY SCULPTED NAILS in ‘Black Cherry’ ($8.99) serves up the look without a trip to the salon.  These trendsetting glue-on nails have the look of salon sculpted acrylic false nails, but take only minutes to apply. 

@zoekimkenealy MAKEUP for your drink of choice: the espresso martini 🖤🍸 This is for those in need of a makeup tutorial for the perfect dinner photo hehe. Lots of neutrals with this look. As always easy to do ~~ #coffeemakeup #dinnermakeup #easymakeuplook #brownmakeuplook #genseebeauty #maccosmetics #personacosmetics #benefitcosmetics ♬ gimme all ur luv - hemlocke springs

Then for the vampy babes out there, there is the dirty martini look. Kenealy broke down the look in a series of stylish elements including; a bold red lip, a small cat eye, a clean, softly arched brow, a shimmering, slightly glittery eyeshadow back over the lid and slightly above the brow bone, and a glow-from-within highlight to the skin. For extra points, follow Kenealy’s lead and style this glam look with a turtleneck sleeveless top and a slicked-back bun. 

@zoekimkenealy Replying to @charkgrl dirty martini makeup 🍸❤️ a bold red lip, a subtle glitter eye, and a striking highlight ❤️ perfect for the holidays and dinner ~ #lancomebeauty #maccosmetics #benefitcosmetics #sephorabeauty ♬ original sound - zoekimkenealy
One last finishing touch

We love imPRESS PREMIUM PRESS-ON Nails in ‘Switch Up’ (11.99) to perfectly complement the Martini Makeup look.

Finally…if you’re under 21 and unable to consume an actual martini, you can always drink in the spirit of this glamorous makeup look. Cheers!

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