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3 Hair Color Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Fall

Expert advice from LA-based celebrity hair colorist and stylist, Marco Pelusi.

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As we soak up those last bits of summer sun, it’s the perfect time to start dreaming about your next hair move for the upcoming season. And guess what? We’ve got the ultimate sneak peek for you, straight from the mane maestro himself, Celebrity Haircolorist and Stylist, Marco Pelusi!

1. Color transition from summer to fall

Picture this: the leaves are just starting to put on their fiery display, and you’re wondering – what’s the next big thing in hair? From sizzling coppers that rival the changing leaves to cool, subtly highlighted locka that’ll have you feeling like a glistening autumn queen – he’s got the lowdown on what’s poised to take over your insta feed, So, whether you’re a bold trendsetter or all about those subtle, natural vibes, below, Marco’s got your fall hair color covered.

For Blondes:

Although Barbie blonde is all the craze, fall is the time to add lowlights and dimension to blonde hair.  It’s time to dimensionalize and soften — and even deepen — blonde haircolor.  Rich golds; beiges, woodsy tones are lovely to add, darker or medium dark blonde shades, throughout the hair, in foils.  It’s an easy transition to become a slightly richer, deeper, warmer blonde for fall.  Think buttercream for blondes …

For Brunettes:

For the brunettes, it’s also time to add color.  There’s probably been a lot of fadeage (over the summertime) and possibly unwanted brassy tones showing up throughout the hair color.  So, feel free to deepen the brunette a bit, maybe even add a form of a rich red, such as auburn, for the ladies whose skin tone it’s appropriate for. Also, a caramel glaze over the faded “summery” ends of brunette hair is a great choice for just about every brunette.  Think chocolate brown for fall brunettes!

For Redheads:

Speaking of glazing — or glossing — this is a great choice for the redheads out there.  Natural and color treated redheads look a bit faded; and a glaze with a demicolor to add shine, richness, and a more vibrant red is a great fall choice.  If done properly, it can even help make the hair look and feel better.  Adding more red to the faded mid-lengths and ends of red hair will invigorate it!  Almost a rosey, wood red color…

2. Peek-a-boo highlights

Highlights that are underneath the hair that peek out on the sides and the back of the hair are for the fall.  For medium to long hair, natural, progressive highlights — caramels, honeys, beiges — are the beautiful choice and are what’s in demand for certain.  Think Jennifer Lopez with her brunette roots and lighter caramel highlights popping out naturally from the sides and back.

3. Enrich, refresh, condition

Refresh, refresh, refresh.  Condition, condition, condition.  The fall color goal is to enrichen your color, and add color back into the hair; so add anything to your hair that makes it richer.  Deep conditioning treatments, oils (the right kind of oils – steer clear of mineral oil), color glazes, anything moisturizing is good for the hair.  This will allow the hair to accept the deeper, richer lowlights or haircolor, and allow it to become stronger and prepare for winter!  It’s an ideal time to switch to a moisturizing shampoo:  check out Marco Pelusi’s Color Moisturizing Shampoo at marco® color moisturizing shampoo – Marco Pelusi Studio

Additionally, to continually and frequently nourish the hair, with little effort:  after each shampoo, and prior to any hairstyling (especially heat-styling), use Marco Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner, available at marco® anti-frizz leave-In conditioner with collagen color guard® – Marco Pelusi Studio .  A good quality leave-in (used often) will constantly replenish the moisture that was lost over the summer, and protect the hair from blow dryers and hot irons.  The leave-in will also make the hair stronger and healthier.


Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a leading Haircolor Authority, renowned Platform Artist & Educator, Salon Owner, and fashion-forward Celebrity Haircolorist. 

Marco’s love for haircolor began at his family’s upscale chain of East Coast salons. Early in his career, he became a top Educator at one of the world’s leading Italian haircolor companies. He was then sought out to be the National Haircolor Educator for an esteemed Los Angeles-based color company.

To date, Marco executes standing-room-only, sold-out performances on the stages of the New York and Las Vegas Annual International Beauty Shows (IBS) as well as The International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach (ISSE).  Marco also appears regularly on TV as a haircolor makeover expert on “A Healthy You & Carol Alt” on FOX and “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel.  Marco also has appeared as a beauty product expert on KTLA’s morning show (Channel 5 in LA) and as a judge on The Look: All Stars on the CW network.

Marco Pelusi Hair Studio

Marco’s premier Studio is located in the heart of the trendy, ultrachic West Hollywood Design District on Robertson Boulevard, just up the street from the famous Ivy restaurant and many of the world’s top boutiques. There, he and his talented staff of seasoned Hollywood hair stylists offer world-class hair fashion to numerous celebrities and trendsetters.

Nestled in a private, upstairs space with beautiful, natural light, his gorgeous, upscale salon is a relaxing sanctuary for world-class travelers, referred by exclusive hotels in the city such as La Peer Hotel.

Marco’s luxurious, spa-like salon is the premier retailer of the Marco® Collagen Color Guard® HairCare System, the first and only complete collagen-based system developed for color,  and chemically-treated hair.  

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