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6 Hair Trend Predictions for 2024, According to a Celebrity Hairstylist

No matter what the cut, color, or style you go for in 2024, ‘shine’ is the buzzword and that starts with healthy hair.

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Wondering what hair trends will dominate your social media feeds in 2024? Ahead, we tapped Celebrity Hairstylist Clyde Haygood  for his expert insight and 6 top tips to keep in mind when it comes to styling and caring for your hair.

1) Movement

 Hair for 2024 is all about polish and sophistication with ease. Lots of volume, movement and smooth, shiny hair will be the most coveted trend.  Luxurious layers create lots of movement that pair perfectly with extra-long bangs or ‘eye-lash bangs’ (think Jane Birkin) that sit right at the lash or can be swept aside. 

2) The Shag

The shag will become more polished with cleaner, more blunt lines – this a great cut for any hair texture. It can be worn with natural movement or dressed up with bends and waves from a curling or flat iron.

3) The Bob

A bob hairstyle will still reign but with softer lines and edges creating movement and versatility.  

4) Curls

Curls and natural textures will be embraced wearing more rounded styles (ie: Zendaya). And even shorter styles for curly girls like the ‘curly pixie’.

 5) Color

As for color, we will see less fantasy colors and more richness and color variants to natural shades such as cola, chocolate cherry and mauve brown. Chestnut, mid-toned browns or ‘bronde’ (think Haley Bieber) will be among the most requested.  Wheat and honey hued blondes will have added iridescence for shine and colorists will be glossing heads with ‘clear’ to help achieve this.

 6) Shine

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