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Festival Hair Ideas You *Need* to Try This Summer

We tapped a celebrity hair stylist for tips and tricks on how to get gorgeous festival hair this summer.

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Festival season has officially arrived. Whether you’re heading to the desert for the weekend, or having your own glam-fest at home, we’ve got you covered. Need some instant inspo? Ahead, Sarah Potempa, celebrity stylist and co-founder of The Beachwaver Co. shows you how to easily achieve boho inspired hair looks and get music festival-ready in a flash.



Beachy Waves & Pierced Braids 


Step 1: Start by sectioning the hair using a Darby Clip and prep the hair using Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray.

Step 2: Curl the bottom sections using the Beachwaver B1 (the one used here is from our limited-edition TTS exclusive Pretty Pastel Collection).  

Step 3: Use a Wide Tooth Comb to create a clean center part. Next, apply Braid Balm to the root.  

Step 4: On the first half of the head, take a one-inch section of hair closest to the forehead and separate it into 3 sections to begin creating a Dutch braid. Follow the mantra of left under the middle, right under the middle adding hair to each section as you continue. Once you’ve added hair from the crown of the head, continue with a basic 3-strand braid.  

Step 5: Repeat this braid on the other side of the head. Curl the remainder of the hair not included in the braid.

Step 6: Use a wide tooth comb to turn the curls into waves and spray using some Team Texture to add volume.  

Step 7: For some added festival fun, use silver jewelry to pierce the braids!  

Step 1: Brush the hair into a slick back ponytail. For this look, we added Laced Hair extensions and braiding hair to create a more dramatic look.  

Step 2: Apply Braid Balm to a small section of the pony to wrap and hide the elastic using a pull through tool.

Step 3: Apply Braid Balm to the entire ponytail and split it into 2 sections.  

Step 4: To create a fishtail braid, take a small piece from the outside of the right section, and bring it over to the inside of the left section. Then take a small piece from the outside of the left section and bring it over to the inside of the right section. Continue this process throughout the length of the ponytail.  

Step 5: Spray Major Moment to lock in the look and any flyaways.  

Step 6: Pierce the braid for an even more epic look!


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