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5 Metallic Makeup Ideas Perfect for Holiday Party Season

Get your eyes, lips, nails, and skin gleaming.

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As the holiday season sweeps in with its twinkling lights, let’s chat about the real sparkle that’s set to take center stage at every party—metallic makeup.  With a few strategic sweeps of a brush, a smudge of a finger, or a glide of a pencil, metallic makeup adds that pop of festive glam without needing a complete wardrobe overhaul.

Whether you’re all about that minimalist vibe or you’re ready to go full-on winter fairy, there’s a shade of shimmer that’s just perfect for you. After all, the holidays are about feeling fabulous, having fun, and yes, a little bit of magic. Let’s make sure your makeup is on the same page. Here are a few ways to get into the holiday spirit with a shiny touch.

1) It’s All in A Kiss

Whether you’re locking lips underneath a mistletoe, looking for someone to kiss at the strike of midnight, or simply want all eyes on your pout, you can’t go wrong with adding a metallic glint to the lips this holiday season.

One way to make your lips look expensively shiny is with the Ruby Kiss Cosmetics 24K Gold Lip Gloss ($2.99). With metallic eyes or a metallic highlight, using a shiny gloss versus a chrome liquid lipstick helps keep everything balanced and fresh.


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2) Eyes on the Prize

If there’s an easier way to incorporate metallics into a makeup look, you would be hard-pressed to name anything outside of eye makeup. While the popularity of certain beauty looks, like metallically painted lips, come and go, metallic eye makeup is a year-round classic.  There are quite a few ways to apply this eye-catching pigment on your eyes. 

  • Shadow

Metallic shadow is holiday classic for a reason. You can easily signal Christmas with red and green foiled shadows, like the ones featured in the Makeup By Mario Master Metallics Eyeshadow Palette ($50). Or any holiday color palette with metallic shadows from brands like Give Me Glow Cosmetics or Danessa Myricks Beauty. You can always take inspiration from the martini-makeup trend and go in with sultry olive-free tones to give the holidays a bit of a sexy spirit. 

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  • Liner

If you want to give a bit of a twist on the classic metallic eye makeup look, try out a shiny eyeliner, like the Kaleidos Epiphany Glow Melt-On eyeliners ($16). These metallic, duo-chrome eyeliners are perfect for helping you to stand out in a room full of fellow makeup lovers. Or you can use a water-activated liner like the Gavissi Beauty single liner pans ($4)  in a stunning lineup of colors. All you need to do is take an pointed eyeliner brush, wet it a bit with water, dip into the pan, and paint away. And if you don’t want to spend extra money on a metallic eyeliner, have no fear Duraline by Inglot Cosmetics ($11.75) is here!

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You can use Duraline or any eye-safe (always check the label!) mixing gel of choice along with any metallic eyeshadow, either in pigment power form or scrapped from your favorite shadow, mix them on a palette, and apply along the lashline with a pointed eyeliner brush.

3) Light Up Your Lashes

And for our truly bolder-than-thou babes, you can’t get more extra for the holidays than with some twinkling lashes. We’re loving the Falscara Ultimate Holiday Starter Kit ($34.99) because they are seriously salon-worthy false lash extensions you can do in a flash.

Who says that you can’t welcome down the glittering Times Square Ball drop for the New Year with an equally shiny pair of fluttering lashes?

4) Shine Bright Like a Diamond

To compliment the glow your eyes are giving off, you can give a lustrous light to the skin with the JOAH Glow Liquid Highlighter ($11.99). Before you powder and set your base, apply the liquid highlight along the top of your cheekbone and up towards your temple, then set with a powder highlighter after using a setting powder, to get the glow from within glaze.

5) Nails, Nails, Nails

Metallic nails are perfect for the holidays and with the resurgence of Y2K fashion are especially trendy. For those who want to give a more vampy vibe during the holidays, you can always go with a classic shiny red set, like  And for those that want to go full in on the ho-ho-holiday spirit, you can try out the Impress Design set in “White Night” ($9.49). These medium-length, almond-shaped nails are perfect for the festive season, from the deep red shape to the peppermint and snowflake detailing.

You can also get into the holiday spirit with the yummy Glazed Donut set in “Green Tea” ($11.99). Not only are the nails super easy to apply, they’re also on the shorter side, perfect for those busy at work hanging ornaments on the tree.

And for those that are a little bit more The Nightmare Before Christmas vibe, you can go with the Voguish Fantasy Metallic set in My Fault ($8.99). What better way to channel Jack Skeleton than with a pair of metallic silver and black, coffin-shaped nails?! 

And of course, we can’t forget the Hanukkah honeys (like yours truly). Celebrate the Festival of Lights with these sensationally seasonable nails, the Voguish Fantasy set in “Daylight” ($8.99). These medium-length, coffin-shaped nails come in a gorgeous, glossy blue hue with silver glitter and metallic star detailing. Waterproof and smudge-proof, you’re free to do everything you need to do during the festive activities like spinning the dreidel to chowing down on jelly donuts. Yum!

And for those looking for a nail set that fits in at any holiday party, you can always try out the Impress Design “Snowed In” set ($9.49). These metallic red and gold, almond-shaped nails are covered in sparkling stars and lunar-inspired detailing, perfect for handling any activity from ripping off wrapping paper to toasting a glass at the stroke of midnight. Remember, no matter if you pile on the makeup and the nails or want to be a bare-faced beauty, you are always the true present of the holiday season.

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