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Shimmery Squoval Nails Are Cute and Classy – Here’s Why This Manicure Trend is Our Latest Obsession

The sparkly mix of square and oval is the best of both worlds.

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A black woman posing with her hand against her face, featuring imPRESS press-on nails in gold glitter

As someone who’s always sworn by the edgy glam of long, perfectly sculpted coffin nails, I never thought I’d stray. But thanks to scrolling on Instagram for countless hours and judging by the screenshots saved to my camera roll, squoval nails have officially won this beauty editor over. It’s 2024, and if your nails aren’t squoval and sparkly, you are missing out. Ahead, I’ll explain why I am obsessed with this stylish new nail trend.

Back in 2023, something magical happened in the nail world. Squoval nails – a combo of square and oval – started popping up everywhere. From red carpets to your best friend’s Instagram, these nails were suddenly the main event. And honestly? They deserve every bit of the spotlight. As an experienced beauty editor who’s seen countless trends come and go, I’ve been particularly intrigued by the squoval nail shape’s rise to popularity. Before I dive into the shimmery, sparkly stuff, I’ll make a strong case why the squoval nail shape is so special and why they’ve become a staple in my 2024 nail wardrobe.

Why Squoval Nails Are Flattering on Everyone

  1. Universally Flattering Shape: Squoval nails have rounded edges that naturally mimic the contour of the nail bed, making them flattering for all finger shapes and sizes.
  2. Versatility in Length and Style: Whether you prefer short, practical nails or longer, more dramatic ones, the squoval shape is adaptable. It looks equally elegant in all lengths and with various nail art designs. In this case, I tend to lean toward shorter length, and I can’t believe I actually typed that!
  3. Strength and Durability: The squoval shape is less prone to breakage compared to pointier styles. This makes them a practical choice for everyday wear and for those who work a lot with their hands. And yes, this make daily tasks like typing and opening things so much easier.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: Unlike more intricate nail shapes, squoval nails are easier to maintain. They require less filing and reshaping, making them ideal for those who love a low-maintenance beauty routine.

Why the sudden obsession? Squoval nails became a social media sensation thanks to their unique blend of two classic styles: the neat, clean lines of the square and the soft, gentle curves of the oval. This combination offers a modern, chic look that appeals to a wide audience. Squoval nails offer a perfect balance between elegance and practicality, making them suitable for everyone. Whether you’re trying to make a fashion statement or seeking a practical nail shape for daily wear, squoval nails are definitely worth trying.

Squoval, But Make it Shimmery

squoval nails


Sparkly, shimmery nails have surged in popularity as a vibrant counter to the minimalist trends that have dominated beauty for years. In today’s world, where every day can sometimes feel a bit too similar, adding a bit of sparkle to your look is like sprinkling a little magic on the mundane. It’s not just about the aesthetics; it’s about how these glittering accents make us feel. Sparkles serve as small, personal beacons of joy, catching our eye as we type away at keyboards or reach for a cup of coffee, reminding us that it’s okay to find delight in the little things. (At least, that’s how my sparkly manis makes me feel on a dreary Monday morning!)

This trend is also a nod to the growing movement towards self-expression. In a time where individuality is celebrated more than ever, sparkly nails offer a fun, easy way to showcase our unique styles. Whether it’s a subtle shimmer or a bold, glittery statement, these nails are all about embracing the joy and spark in everyday life.

Ready to give shimmery squoval nails a whirl?  Ahead, I rounded up my favorite KISS and imPRESS squoval nails to try so you can skip the salon and get the look in minutes. Or simply screenshot and use as inspo the next time you want to switch up your mani.


KISS Squoval Nails

GEL FANTASY DREAMDUST ‘Champagnes’ ($9.99)

Squoval Nails

GEL FANTASY Warning Sign ($8.99)

Squoval Nails

GEL FANTASY ‘I Feel You’ ($8.99)

Squoval Nails

MASTERPIECE ‘Show My Throne’ ($11.99)

Squoval Nails

VELOUR FANTASY ‘Stardust’ ($8.99)

Squoval Nails

CLASSY PREMIUM ‘Jealousy’ ($9.99)

Squoval Nails

imPRESS Squoval Nails


COLORFX BY IMPRESS ‘Dimension’ ($10.99)

A package of KISS Color FX press-on nails in square shape with gradient rosegold glitter color

COLORFX BY IMPRESS ‘Starstruck’ ($10.99)

Squoval Nails

COLORFX BY IMPRESS ‘The Good Days’ ($10.99)

Squoval Nails

COLORFX BY IMPRESS ‘Rebel’ ($10.99)

squoval nails

IMPRESS DESIGN ‘Spotlight’ ($9.49)

squoval nails

IMPRESS DESIGN ‘Stellar’ ($9.49)

squoval nails

IMPRESS DESIGN ‘Eternity’ ($9.49)

squoval nails

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