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The Oud Nail Trend Will Become Winter’s Chicest Manicure

Dark and sultry, here’s how to nail the oud mood.

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In the ever-evolving world of beauty, a new manicure trend is taking the winter season by storm – the Oud Nail Trend. This sophisticated style, coined by celebrity manicurist Harriet Westmoreland, is inspired by the opulent mood and colors associated with oud, a prized ingredient in perfumery, though the nails themselves do not carry any scent. It’s all about capturing the dark, earthy essence and deep hues of oud in a visually stunning way. Have you ever heard of TikTok’s “Black Nail Theory”?  It’s a thing.

What is the Oud Nail Trend?

Drawing inspiration from the rich, deep colors and luxurious aura of oud, the trend features a palette of intense, moody hues like dark amber, deep burgundy, and lush greens, reflecting the dense, resinous nature of oud wood. Intrigued by oud? Read our article on what oud is and why it’s so expensive.

Why It’s Perfect for Winter

Winter fashion finds a perfect match in this season’s nail color trend, where deep, luxurious hues reign supreme. Far from the usual festive palette, these sophisticated colors offer a refined alternative, seamlessly fitting into the winter narrative. The trend’s versatility is unmatched—equally suited for a glittering formal event or a snug evening curled up by the fire. Each shade adapts effortlessly to its setting, infusing a touch of elegance into every moment.

But it’s more than just color; it’s about the mood these hues set. Sure, the nails themselves may not emit a fragrance, yet their colors conjure up the same luxurious and comforting aura as the scent of oud. It’s this sensory experience that makes them so perfect for winter. In a season of introspection and quiet charm, these colors do more than just beautify—they capture the essence of winter’s spirit, inviting a moment of calm and indulgence in the midst of chilly days.

How to Get the Oud Nail Look
  1. Select Your Shade: Embrace deep and moody colors. Popular choices include rich plums, dark reds, and earthy browns.
  2. DIY It: For the best results, you get the the oud manicure look at home with ready-to-wear glue on or press-on nails.
  3. Accessorize Wisely: Complement your nails with understated, elegant jewelry to let the colors truly stand out.
  4. Winter Nail Care: Keep your nails and cuticles well-moisturized to combat the drying effects of winter.
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