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We Tried TikTok’s Viral Under Eye Blush Trend

The results of this blush hack are rather surprising.

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The cold girl makeup trend that went viral on TikTok is too freakin’ cool (no pun-intended) but what really turned me on to the faux freezing makeup look was the almost excessive blush that goes across your cheeks, nose and under eye. Under eye?!  Mhm, you read that right.  If you’re not doing under eye blush, you haven’t tried to look your best yet… take my word for it.  Whether you want a sun-kissed glow or a lifted lovely look, honest, this hack will help you achieve it all with a few simple steps.

How to Wear Under Eye Blush

IYKYK, and as they say, trust the process, let’s get started and just wait and trust and believe.  First you’ll want to start with either a cream or powder blush, pick your current fave or go with mine, JOAH Air Light Soft Powder Blush in “Pink Dahlia’ ($6.99), a blush that literally will give your look a breath of fresh air. 

Once your base makeup has been applied, you’ll want to sweep the blush brush across the highest point of your cheek bones in a u-shape under your eyes.  In a similar manner than you would as you would blend out concealer, you’ll want to apply and blend the blush under your eyes and continue over the bridge of your nose.  

Trust the process! It definitely feels and looks weird but the finished results of the blush blended out will make you look full of life and lifted. You can even apply some blush and blend this out on your cupids bow of your lip for an added touch of pink power.  

We Gave the Under Eye Blush Trend a Whirl.

Who Started the Under Eye Blush Trend?

So how did we get here? Where did this all originate from?  It all started on TikTok (where else) from makeup artist and creator Spencer (@paintedbyspencer) where he places a liquid blush and concealer under the eyes for a brightening effect. But oh no honey it doesn’t stop there.  His posting was just the beginning of a very popular wave that is still being ridden on the app and in real life. 

Over did it?  No worries, it happens to the best of us. You’re all hyped up on a new hack and oops, you applied a bit too much blush that even the best blend can not blend out.  Just add on top of your excessive blush color some concealer or pressed powder to calm down trend to take you back down from haute hack la-la land and back reality. 

What other viral hacks have you been seeing and are dying to try?  Let us know, we’ll try it so you don’t have to … or we’ll try it so you’ll have to!  Until next time!