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Everything You Need to Know About JOMO, According to a Mental Health Expert

Peacing out is poised to be the top well-being trend of 2024 – and we are here for it.

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Ever felt that little spark of happiness when you decide to skip a social event and just chill at home? SAME. There is something so delicious about the moment you chose to peace out and there’s a name for it. JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out is really a thing and there are several mental health benefits that come from practicing it.

Ahead we asked triple board-certified psychiatrist and clinical director at Moment of Clarity Mental Health Center, Dr. Raafat Girgis for his expert advice on how you can master the art of savoring your own company.  

What is JOMO?

If you haven’t noticed, scrolling through social media feeds can spark a creeping feeling of anxiety, the fear that we are missing out on all kinds of life-altering events and opportunities. Ultimately, this creates the feeling of FOMO, but the joy of missing out, or JOMO, has become one of the top well-being trends of 2024. JOMO celebrates intentionally taking a step back from hectic socializing and social media to find joy in spending time alone, quietly and mindfully.

JOMO is not a new concept, the meaning is “embracing the idea of just finding joy and contentment, of opting out or missing out on activities and prioritizing your self-care”, explains Dr. Girgis. “We are guided to appreciate mindfulness and the value of moments that belong to us alone. It is a form of disconnecting and choosing not to attend or participate in events that would otherwise cause us stress. JOMO is the complete opposite of FOMO.”

Positive psychology suggests we begin to enjoy JOMO when we practice unplugging from the media, allowing our minds to be free of what others need from us and focus on self-care, says Dr. Girvis.  When we focus on our needs to be well, we begin to appreciate time in the present, and finding contentment in solitude, rather than constantly seeking external validation. JOMO allows us to savor life without the pressure to keep up with everything happening around us.

The Beauty of JOMO

Truth be told, I often pass on parties and spend Saturday nights practicing self-care, strengthening my DIY nail extension skills, or playing around with new lash looks.  Zero regrets.

JOMO is about embracing contentment and prioritizing self-care.  Need to add a little more JOMO to your life? Below are some simple ways Dr. Girgis suggests to practice it.

1. Be Selective

Before saying yes to an event or activity, ask yourself if you truly enjoy it or if you’re doing it out of fear of missing out. Choose what aligns with your genuine desires.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Focus on meaningful activities or relationships rather than signing up for everything. Opt for depth over breadth.

3. Unplug from Social Media

Take breaks from scrolling through friends’ feeds. Social media can trigger FOMO. Instead, savor the quality of your experiences.

4. Create a Joy List

Make a list of activities that bring you joy. Post it where you can see it, and incorporate those moments into your day.

5. Schedule Me Time

Plan time off intentionally. Don’t just go with the flow; allocate moments for self-care and activities you love.


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