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How to Create a Fierce & Flirty Halloween Lash Look

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With Halloween around the corner, you might be seeking a fierce and flirty way to glam up your lash game.  Got a Euphoria-inspired costume idea, or maybe you plan to go as the glam goddess you already are…skies the limit with this lash look.

Our content creator Chrissy show you how to get your twinkle on using FALSCARA Bling Jewel FX Wisps.  Bejeweled with rhinestones,  these wisps what false lash fantasies are made of. 


Wear as an accent wisp for a flash of sparkle or on their own for a full-on flirty eyelash effect.  Unlike traditional fake eyelashes, FALSCARA wisps  are tiny clusters of featherlight faux mink fibers that go under your own lashes, so the bands aren’t visible. That’s what makes these false eyelash extensions look so extraordinary.

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Janene Mascarella