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Quick Chat With MTV Reality TV Show Personality B-Lashes

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Extreme, extra, loud, over the top, hilarious…those are just a few of the words that best describe influencer, entrepreneur, and reality star aptly known as B-Lashes.  

B-Lashes rose to fame after appearing on two seasons of the MTV reality gameshow series Double Shot of Love, where beautiful women competed for the affection of gym-tan-laundry Jersey Shore alums Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino. Her loveable, larger-than-life personality (and lashes), coupled with her ‘more is more’ mentality made her a dating show standout.

We caught up with the MTV personality to learn about her love for beauty, fashion, and yep, you guessed it ­– lashes!

Tell us about your jewelry biz

My jewelry business started with my most iconic piece, my signature red enamel Italian horn necklace and a sheer love for wearing way too many accessories. As far as I can remember, I have always had a jewelry cabinet busting at the seams since I was a little girl. Every night before bed, I’d lay out my outfits for school down to every piece of jewelry. I knew jewelry was something I always dreamt of creating and having my dad be in the business for many years, it was just natural for me to start my own jewelry line!

The world knows you as B-Lashes, what’s your real name and how did you become “B-Lashes”?

I like to think at this point my real name is B-Lashes. My friends and family all have been referring to me as B, Lash, or Lashes for many years. My real name is Brittani and back before lashes were a huge trend, I would wear them to school every day! I was the only girl with a huge set of lashes sitting in lecture halls. Naturally, everyone began to refer to me as the girl with the lashes, and B-Lashes was born. I haven’t looked back since or stopped wearing lashes. B-Lashes isn’t just a nickname… it’s who I am!

Oooh, we love lashes here! When did you first discover your love for lashes, and did you ever dream you would be legit famous for them?

I first discovered my love of lashes back in college. I was captain of the dance team and in charge of putting on everyone’s make up for competition that included eyelashes. I’ll never forget we were in Anaheim California when I realized how much I loved myself in a mirror with lashes on. I decided to keep them on for the day and ride all the Disney amusement park rides with them on, and to my astonishment they didn’t budge! From then on, I glued eyelashes on every single day and you would never catch me without them! I never really thought I’d be famous for them, but I always knew I’d be on TV someday, I just didn’t know my lashes would be as well-known as I am!

What was it like when you first started to get recognized in the public? Do people stop you in the airport and say “OMG, you’re B-Lashes!”?

Getting recognized in public has to be the best part of being a social figure. Being able to connect with complete strangers through a TV and then meeting them in person is nothing short of a dream. I love nothing more than when I am out, and people recognize me or my lashes and come over to chat! I love taking pictures and connecting about reality TV, lashes and just life! It’s awesome to see how many people rooted for me while I was competing for love on national TV.  I get to have the pleasure of chatting with them and seeing the excitement in them when they realize I am EXACTLY how I was on TV.

Well, I for sure rooted for you, and having met you in person, I’m going to say your last statement is 100% accurate! Let’s talk nails now. What nail styles or nail trends do you like?

Nails! Omg, I love them. They are an extension of who I am and my style. I’d be lying if I said I kept one type of nail and style all the time. One month I am long and square, the next I am almond and medium length, or short with a gel manicure! I have had it all! I am currently in my fall mood with almond nails, brown tones and a different design on every nail including 3D flowers, marble, glitter, and French!

When you were filming for MTV, did they have makeup artist on set or did you always have to do your own makeup? (And yikes, what was it like trying to get glam with all those girls around filming a reality show?)

There was absolutely no hair or makeup artist on our sets of MTV’s Double Shot at Love. At the time it typically took me over an hour to get ready, so I knew immediately this was going to be my biggest nightmare. Getting ready in a house with 20 girls and three bathrooms. I managed to make do, there was one vanity in the house and a spot to sit and I immediately claimed that upon moving into the house. It was super frustrating to get ready in such a small amount of time with so many people. I managed to conquer that, and I can proudly say I can now get ready in 15 to 20 minutes, full glam and all.

What current makeup trend are you totally into?

Brown liquid eyeliner! It’s become my go-to eye look, a little bit of my bronzer in the crease and a nice natural light brown wing, and I am ready for a causal day or a night out!

What’s the best beauty advice you were ever told, and who gave it to you?

My mom has always given me the best beauty advice, and by that, I mean no advice at all. She never put boundaries on my makeup or self-expression, if I wanted to wear an eye full of glitter to school, she was by my side helping me chose what color. I think that’s the best advice anyone can give, makeup should be fun and fearless, with no rules. If it makes you smile, that’s all that matters!


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