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Celebrity Makeup Artist Vittorio Masecchia Brings Intricate Designs to Cosmetics with New Luxury Line of Facial Accents

Turn your face into a visual masterpiece.

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Photo: Vittorio Masecchia Beauty

Need to add a little edge to your makeup routine?  Feast your eyes on Vittorio Masecchia Beauty, the new namesake beauty brand by celebrity makeup artist, Vittorio Masecchia, which features a line of luxury facial decals that launched a few months ago, and we just can’t look away. Created by celebrity makeup artist and illustrator, Vittorio Masecchia, the brand offers well-crafted, luxury face decals that are futurizing makeup by combining innovative digital precision with classical and bold embellishments.

Founder Vittorio Masecchia draws his inspiration from a professional and artistic need to amalgamate tech and glam; bringing unique, polydimensional and transformative artistry to makeup at light speed. Noted for his skillful fusing of materials and high-quality craftsmanship with modern design, he has created a collection of mind-blowing, easy-to-apply accessories to adorn your face and take your makeup look to the next level! His original designs, stunning colors, and celestial aesthetic celebrate counter-normative beauty, while adding drama to everyday looks.

Photo: Vittorio Masecchia Beauty

The full range includes dramatic laser-sharp creases in glorious beetle-jewel-toned shades to iconoclastic Art-Deco fanned shapes to form-fitting translucent rhinestoned wings and brow-augmenting-eye-snatching appliqués for all different ages, genders, and makeup skill levels.

In addition to being the founder of Vittorio Masecchia Beauty, Masecchia is also an in-demand celebrity makeup artist, curating cutting-edge looks for clients.


Designed to be worn as makeup, over makeup or paired with clean, underdone skin, the facial decals provide an intangible essence that focuses on the future with a celestial allure. Building on an ultramodern foundation of surreal extravagance, the ornate decals also showcase a fresh new take on beauty. Whether it’s the chromatic arches or the fierce maximalist diamanté adornments that go well with a striking makeup palette and help anyone achieve that straight-from-the-runway look, there is an otherworldliness to each accessory — one worth tapping into as an escapist fantasy or a provocative street style statement.

Photo: Vittorio Masecchia Beauty

Exclusive for Beautify.tips, Masecchia shared some of the inspiration behind his daring designs.

These facial accents you have created are so cutting-edge and fierce! How did you get the idea to come up with this and create your own collection?

Most of the time I’m being asking to work at lightning speed and for the longest time I had this fantasy of not having to do crisp graphic clean lines in the back of a car with bad lighting and a wobbly hand, I just wanted to have something really impactful and dazzling but really quick and easy and user friendly for those scenarios that I’ve found myself in as an artist. It came out of necessity for my own kit and I first created it just for myself. Anytime I put them on my clients they insisted I turn it into a business… and after enough of those requests, and during the perfect storm of Covid, it all fell into place seamlessly. I had the time and space to sit with myself and focus on something I could create instead of putting my focus 100% on what was being asked of me by my clients. 

I would love to learn a little about the process of creating them. Tell me about the journey…

I’ve sketched eyeballs since I was a kid and it’s been a part of my daily practice everywhere I go. I started digitizing those sketches, and then that led me to doing the same doodling but with my digital pen. Technology has allowed me to refine and then print my sketches as wearable pieces of art. I work with a 3D model during the design stage and then a human model for fitting/sizing after printing. I shoot them on camera myself to check color, texture, shape, and fit. 

Can you offer some of your expert tips and tricks on how to use them?

There is an adhesive on the back of them (hypoallergenic and latex free) the adhesive is made for you to be able to stick them to the skin to figure out placement and it will hold if you want to wear it that way but I suggest placing it, looking in the mirror, checking out symmetry, then lift a little section at a time and add lash glue for super powered long wear. They are made to roll off of the packaging, you don’t have to pick at them with tweezers which can damage them and leave a mark. Similar to the way you would bend the backing on false lashes to remove them, you can bend the backing on the product and they will lift off. 

What has been the most rewarding part about seeing your creation come to life?

I think the most rewarding part is having people actually love the products. The feedback. It’s one thing to make a product for myself and another thing for people to use it and be excited about it. Seeing what other artists do with my product is incredibly inspiring and motivating. It takes on a life of its own when you let it go out into the world. 

The futuristic aesthetic is emerging as a big trend for 2023.  Do you see this ethereal, intergalactic look enduring as the next level form of creative expression?

Yes absolutely! My brand’s a really good example of how technology is able to elevate makeup artistry, mostly because there’s a precision to digital work that no matter how careful I am as an artist working with my hands, there’s still only so far I can get with my lines using makeup products. Trend-wise, I have a really strong love for a retro/futuristic aesthetic so it’s the idea of the future as seen from the perspective of the 70s. Growing up in Montreal, the city really boomed in 67 and the architecture is a real reflection of where Montreal was in the 60s and 70s. It was really futuristic… the Olympic stadium, the metro system, expo 67, palettes of browns, oranges, beiges, and metallics.

I have a deep love for sci- and tech. In beauty right now we’re seeing formulas packed with super charged out of this world ingredients, we’re seeing chromes that are shinier and more mirror like than they’ve ever been, multi chrome shade shifting eyeshadows that bend light, and serums that grow brows and lashes to new heights. So futuristic vibe trends feel like an extension of these things. Futuristic aesthetic is inherently raw and cold and not overly glam or overly feminine or masculine almost a bit alien-esque, but thrilling nonetheless.

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