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Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2022: Luxury Men’s Fragrance Deals

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Fragrance Deals

Got a fragrance lover on your holiday shopping list? Mark your calendars, because we rounded up five of the most wanted men’s and gender-free scents of the season that will go on sale at Amazon on Black Friday. (OMG, is that really next week?!)

These money-saving Black Friday – Cyber Monday deals won’t go live until November 24th, so be sure to bookmark this page when you’re ready to shop. Offerings range from 25% off to 30% off, so if you’re looking to slip a classic men’s fragrance in his stocking this year, you don’t want to miss it!

CK Everyone Eau de Toilette

THE SCENT: A concept rooted in self-expression and celebrating the multiplicity of one, CK EVERYONE is Calvin Klein Fragrance’s first clean, gender-free and environmentally conscious fragrance. The citrus scent has a top note of organic orange and a mid of blue tea accord. The base of this fragrance is a vibrant cedarwood. This is a vegan fragrance infused with 77% natural ingredients and partially made with recycled materials; the iconic waistband on the bottle can be removed before recycling to be reused as something else. The ultra-modern transparent glass bottle contains 10% of post-consumer recycled materials and is recyclable with the removal of the pump and the elastic while the folding carton contains 30% of post-consumer recycled materials.

THE DEAL: This fragrance will be available for up to 25% off its original price of $70 (3.3oz) and $58 (1.6oz) exclusively at Amazon.com starting November 24th

Black Friday Fragrance deal

BOSS Bottled Infinite Eau de Parfum

THE SCENT: The Man of Today navigates various roles in his life, whether pursuing success or seeking balance and authenticity. BOSS BOTTLED INFINITE represents the Man of Today’s aspiration to reconnect with his inner self. An energizing and sensual perfume that combines the freshness of citrus notes and the intensity of aromatic, woody notes.

THE DEAL: This fragrance will be available for up to 25% off its original price of $85 (3.3oz) exclusively at Amazon.com starting November 24th

Hugo Boss Black Friday deal

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

THE SCENT: Transforming his OBSESSION fragrance into a unique formula for men, Calvin Klein reimagines his original fragrance with a powerful and fiery profile. OBSESSION for Men is a spicy oriental scent that provides masculine presence and irresistible allure. A compelling blend of rare woods and botanic notes combine for a provocative appeal.

THE DEAL: This fragrance will be available for up to 30% off its original price of $79 (4.2oz) exclusively at Amazon.com starting November 24th, and up to 25% off its original price of $60 (2.5oz) exclusively at Amazon.com starting November 24th

Calvin Klien Obsession Black Friday deal

Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Men

THE SCENT: Lacoste Essential is a smooth and masculine fragrance characterized by its values of freedom, enjoyment and relaxation. Lacoste Essential’s Time Release Technology empowers this uplifting, fresh, fruity scent to be reactivated on the skin, long after you first spray it on. Composed with an aquatic citrus top note, a black pepper heart, finished by a sandalwood base, this scent stays fresh throughout the day.

THE DEAL: This fragrance will be available for 30% off its original price of $81 (4.2oz) and $66 (2.5oz) exclusively at Amazon.com starting November 24th

BOSS Bottled Eau de Toilette for Men

THE SCENT: Combining elegance and style, BOSS Bottled Eau de Toilette was designed with the modern man in mind. Vibrant with fresh and sensuous notes, the fragrance exudes distinction and sophistication. The warm, spicy-floral heart of the fragrance is dominated by geraniums and clove, with harmonious base notes of sandalwoodcedar, and vetiver.

THE DEAL: This fragrance will be available for up to 30% off its original price at $96 (3.3oz) exclusively at Amazon.com starting November 24th

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