Home Podcast Ep.6: Rise & Shine With Radio/TV Host Carolina Bermudez

Ep.6: Rise & Shine With Radio/TV Host Carolina Bermudez

103.5 KTU Morning Radio Host Carolina Bermudez on Her Career Journey, Finding Balance & Her Get-Gorgeous Beauty Obsessions

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Episode 6: Rise & Shine!

Janene Mascarella (EIC of Beautify.tips by KISS) + Vanessa Coppes (EIC & CEO of BELLA Magazine) talk all things Barbie and the Pinktastic aesthetic still dominating the beauty and fashion world. Also in this episode, Janene shares the name of the new fragrance she calls ‘the most iconic scent of all time’ (so goddess-worthy!), her go-to KISS & imPRESS Beauty products, and Vanessa dives in with the secret to ultra-glowy summer skin.

Special Guest: Carolina Bermudez

Radio/TV Host Carolina Bermudez joins Janene & Vanessa for a fun and inspiring convo on how she got her start in the business, how she finds balance managing a successful career and family, and of course, Carolina shares all her beauty routine must-haves.


Carolina Bermudez is the daily host of “Carolina Bermudez with Greg T in the Morning” from 6-10am on 103.5 KTU in NYC. She is currently the NYC correspondent for E! News covering red carpet premieres, film junkets and one-on-one celebrity interviews. She occasionally guest co-hosts shows like CBS’s “The Talk”, and ABC’s “The View” and also co-hosts her own podcast called “Life in Spanglish” focusing on her experiences as a Latina and the current challenges Latin culture faces in the United States. She is also a wife and mom of two boys and resides on Long Island.

Check out Carolina’s favorite NYC restaurants:  L’URTASI and 4 Charles Prime Rib


Pinktastic has taken over!

Thanks to the incredible success of the ‘Barbie’ movie that just hit movie theaters nationwide, the ‘Pinktastic’ aesthetic has totally taken over and has taken the fashion and beauty world by storm!  Yep, summer’s hottest hue is PINK and it will make your childhood dreams come true. From runways to street style, this vibrant and unapologetic shade of pink (and its many variants) have become a go-to for those who love to add a touch of whimsy and femininity to their looks.  In the social media world, it’s called the “Barbiecore” and all pink everything is having a major, MAJOR moment!



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