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Meet Esmeralda Hernandez, Founder and CEO of Beauty Creations

“As a Latina businesswoman, being a source of inspiration for other women, especially within the Hispanic community, is profoundly rewarding.”

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Beauty Creations
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“We rise by lifting others.”

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About My Brand

Founded by me in 2016, Beauty Creations is a testament to my passion for delivering high-quality, yet affordable beauty products. My journey, which began with selling Barbie dolls and hair straighteners as a young entrepreneur, evolved into the creation of BeBella Cosmetics before transitioning to Beauty Creations. Our diverse product range, from the Flawless Stay collection to our beloved lip oils, pallets, lip plumpers, blushes, and even SKIN care has allowed us to grow significantly.

With our headquarters now in Santa Fe Springs, California, we maintain a strong online presence and have opened physical stores in Southern California, with more expansion plans on the horizon. My vision for Beauty Creations, fortified by the unwavering support of my family and dedicated team, has truly positioned our brand as a leading figure in the cosmetics world.

In the Beginning… 

In the beginning, I started Beauty Creations in 2016. My early entrepreneurial ventures inspired my journey into the beauty industry. As a child, I began by buying used Barbie dolls from yard sales and reselling them, understanding the basics of business from a young age. As I grew older and ventured into selling hair straighteners, I recognized the enormous potential in the beauty sector. I noticed a gap in the market for high-quality beauty products that were both innovative and accessible.

Driven by my passion for beauty and the desire to provide consumers with quality products at affordable prices, I founded Beauty Creations. It was a culmination of my experiences, learnings, and a vision to make a significant impact in the cosmetics world.

My Biggest Challenge

Launching Beauty Creations was not without its challenges. One of the primary difficulties was establishing a trusted network of suppliers and manufacturers, especially as I ventured into manufacturing connections in China. Navigating the intricacies of international relationships, understanding the regulatory landscape, and ensuring consistent product quality were all steep learning curves. Another significant challenge was positioning our brand in a saturated beauty market. Many established brands dominated the space, and standing out required not only quality products but also effective branding and marketing strategies. Our choice to diverge from the typical black packaging used by many competitors, opting for our signature pink, was a deliberate attempt to distinguish our brand.

My Mission

Being a Latina woman in business brought its own set of challenges. In a largely male-dominated manufacturing industry, it was often tough to be taken seriously. I had to work twice as hard to have my voice heard and to convey my vision convincingly. To overcome these challenges, I leaned heavily on persistence, continuous learning, and my strong support system. My family played a pivotal role, with my brother Miguel handling finances as our CFO and my sister Ruby leading product development. Their involvement and expertise were invaluable. Furthermore, every setback became a lesson, and with each hurdle, our resolve to succeed grew stronger.

By staying true to our brand’s mission and values, and by listening to our customers’ feedback, we continuously adapted and refined our approach, ultimately paving the way for Beauty Creations’ success.

My Biggest Risk

The biggest risk I took as a business owner was transitioning from BeBella Cosmetics to starting Beauty Creations. It was a bold move to shift focus and rebrand, especially given the investment of time, energy, and resources already poured into BeBella. However, I believed that Beauty Creations would more authentically represent our mission to provide innovative and accessible beauty products, and that it had the potential to resonate even more with our target audience.

This transition was more than just a change in name; it involved restructuring supply chains, rebranding campaigns, and educating our existing customer base about our new direction. It was a gamble, as any significant brand change can be met with resistance or confusion from loyal customers. Fortunately, this risk paid off tremendously. Beauty Creations not only retained our existing loyal customer base but also attracted a broader audience.

Our distinct products, particularly the Flawless Stay collection and our lip oils and plumbers, became exceptionally popular. The brand’s success exceeded my initial expectations, and the rebranding became a pivotal moment that propelled our growth and solidified our place in the beauty industry. Taking that risk underscored the importance of trusting one’s instincts and vision, even in the face of uncertainty.

My Breakthrough Moment

My big breakthrough moment with Beauty Creations came when our lip oils became the number one selling beauty item at Urban Outfitters. Until then, while we had experienced steady growth and had a loyal customer base, this achievement was a significant validation of our brand’s appeal to a broader audience. It showcased that our commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability was resonating deeply with consumers across different demographics.

Most Rewarding

Having a product recognized and celebrated on such a prominent platform not only increased our sales but also enhanced our brand’s visibility and credibility in the beauty industry. This achievement served as a turning point, bolstering our confidence and fueling our ambition to innovate further and expand our reach both domestically and internationally. It was a testament to our team’s hard work and the strength of the vision behind Beauty Creations.

The most rewarding aspect of what I do is seeing Beauty Creations’s positive impact on our customers. Hearing stories of individuals feeling more confident, empowered, and beautiful because of our products fills me with immense pride and joy. I started this journey with a vision to make beauty accessible and affordable for all, and every time someone shares their personal connection with our brand, it reaffirms that vision.

Additionally, building a business that has not only provided for my family but also created job opportunities for many others is incredibly fulfilling. It is deeply gratifying to know that our success has a ripple effect, benefiting our employees, their families, and the broader community.

Lastly, as a Latina businesswoman, being a source of inspiration for other women, especially within the Hispanic community, is profoundly rewarding. I feel honored to potentially pave the way for other aspiring entrepreneurs and show them that anything is possible with passion, resilience, and a clear vision.

What’s Next 

We just launched a new skincare line, Beauty Creations SKIN. This collection comprises of a nine-piece Korean skincare system, featuring products such as a cleansing balm, toner pads, and a rejuvenating moisturizer. Affordably priced between $5 and $14, these new additions aim to make luxury skincare accessible for everyone. We also have some really great brand collabs and partnerships coming VERY soon. So, be on the lookout! 

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