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A Whole New Way to Beautify According to Your Birthstone

Discover dazzling new nails designs.

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Move over ruby rings and pearl pendants, the latest way to rock your birthstone and bring on the good vibes is not by wearing jewelry at all! I shall explain…

If you’re like me, and it takes you forever to decide on your next new favorite nail design, why not wear a fashionable manicure that practically chose YOU!

Just in time for holiday season, imPRESS Manicure launched a gorgeous Couture Birthstone Collection and it goes without saying…you were born for these beauties. Big, bold birthstones with premium crystals and rhinestones to celebrate every month of the year. 

Yep, you can let your birthstone guide you to your next new nail design. The true beauty of this dazzling new birthstone-inspired nail collection: you can skip the salon and press them on in just a few minutes for a flawless, polished look. Lucky you!

The cool thing about imPRESS nails, it only takes minutes to apply, you don’t need glue, AND they stay put and perfect for up to a week. You can switch up any nail style to match your mood, your energy, your vibe…or simply your outfit. When it comes to nails, there are no rules.

Oh, and keep in mind, you don’t actually have to wear your own birthstone. Love the fiery vibe of a ruby but your birthstone is a diamond? By all means, go for it!  Feel free to wear any birthstone manicure that strikes your fancy. (They’re all so pretty, and I actually intend to wear them all!) 

What are birthstones?

A birthstone is a specific gemstone that is linked to both your birthday and zodiac sign, says celebrity spiritual advisor, Lotty Luxe. These stones are known to bring prosperity, protection, vitality, and good luck to those aligned with their energy. Wearing your birthstone, she explains, represents your astrological uniqueness and puts you in alignment with your zodiac sign. Discover yours ahead.

January: Garnet

Symbolizes: Trust and friendship

Although they are commonly red, garnets have a beautiful range of  vibrant colors, including purple, orange yellow, and green. Garnets symbolize friendship and trust, and some believe the birthstone has the power to bring on health and happiness.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Garnet

February: Amethyst

Symbolizes: Courage and Strength

Amethysts exhibits a spectrum of purple that ranges from a blend of deep violet and red to a lilac. This gemstone has healing abilities and is also known for enhancing intuition!

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Amethyst

March: Aquamarine

Symbolizes: Hope and Health

Aquamarine has a rich color and bring tranquil and calming energy to the possessor.  It is known as a symbol of youth, health, and hope. Its color ranges from pale to deep blue.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Aquamarine

April: Diamond

Symbolizes Love and Healing

Diamonds are an international symbol of eternal love, which is why we see them given as an engagement or wedding ring or as an anniversary present.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Diamond

May: Emerald

Symbolizes Youth and Good Fortune

Emeralds are considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love. Emeralds are a rare gemstone that are historically known for being worn and deeply loved by royals. (Emeralds are said to be Cleopatra’s favorite!)

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Emerald

June: Pearl

Symbolizes Intuition and Balance

Pearls have been associated with their metaphysical attributes that promote purity, balance, and inner wisdom. Pearls carry a stunning appearance of moonlike orbs, and  it is believed  wearing them can help you connect to creativity.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Pearl

July: Ruby

Symbolizes Love and Passion

Rubies are considered the king of gemstones and represent love, health, wealth, and peace. It is believed that gifting a ruby to a loved one will give the possessor good fortune!

imPRESS Birthstone Collection- Ruby

August: Peridot

Symbolizes Wealth and Wisdom

Peridot has a beautiful lime green color, and is believed to instill compassion and good health! Peridot brings cheer and delight and wealth, and is also known to protect the possessor.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Peridot

September: Sapphire

Symbolizes Wisdom and Faith

Sapphires abundantly carry a rich blue color but they’re available in almost every color. This gem was believed to protect those close to the possessor from harm, and it’s also associated with royalty.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Sapphire

October: Opal

Symbolizes Love and Hope

Opal is known as the Cupid stone and is known to  hold the power to promote romance and passion. Opal gemstones each have a one-of-a-kind color combination and represent divine purity.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Opal

November: Citrine

Symbolizes Joy and Energy

Citrine is said to the wealth stone, however finding true citrine may be difficult due to is rarity. Citrine brings its possessor prosperity, joy, and energy. It is also known to be a healing stone.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Citrine

December: Turquoise

Symbolizes Tranquility and Protection

The Turquoise gemstone promotes wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope! Turquoise also cleanses negative energy and protects its owner against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere.

imPRESS Birthstone Collection – Turquois


Lotty Luxe is an American psychic medium and spiritual advisor who has gained the trust and respect of Hollywood celebrities and over 10,000 fans who follow her Instagram and YouTube celebrity predictions.  Based in New York City, Lotty started doing readings when she was 19. She launched Lotty Luxe, LLC., in 2019, and began offering psychic medium readings virtually, long before the pandemic shifted our world online. Today, the 26-year-old shares her most prominent gifts with a fresh, down-to-earth perspective on past life healing, breaking negative cycles and soul mate relationships that are inspiring and guiding the social media world.

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