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8 TikTok Accounts to Follow for Major Nail Art Inspo

Feed your nail art obsession.

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As our resident Barbie Margot Robbie once said, “All your mannerisms change easily when you have inch-long acrylic nails.” That also goes for nails that are sporting some seriously stylish designs. There’s nothing like a fresh set to make you feel like you can handle anything life has to through at you. 

If you’re a bit of a basic bestie when it comes to nail art or are simply looking for new content creators to follow to get the creative juices flowing, then check out the list of incredible nail artists below. 

Have Great Nail Art, Will Follow 


1. Evie Culver, @longhairprettynails

When it comes to creativity, there are few who can top Evie Culver’s nail game. The self-taught nail vlogger, who has 1.6 million (and counting) subscribers on YouTube, is known for louder-than-life designs, like c’mon, just look at this adorable ice-cream-inspired set!

@longhairprettynails Ice Cream Nails 🍦💅🏾. Nail tutorial video is now up on my YouTube channel: LongHairPrettyNails (link in bio) #nails #icecreamnails #longhairprettynails ♬ original sound - LongHairPrettyNails

You could follow her just for her creative nail designs, but also for her insanely informative videos that focus on a number of topics from acrylic nail art tutorials to tips and tricks on how to get a salon-worthy set on your own. 


2. Natalie Minerva, @natalieminervanails

Natalie Minerva is a celebrity nail artist with a number of A-list clients like Sydney Sweeney and Kaia Gerber. She also happens to be the artist behind the fabulous nail sets on Euphoria

From breaking down the sets she creates for her celeb clients and on television shoots to providing tips and tricks that nail beginners and OGs alike can follow, Natalie is as entertaining with her knowledge as she is with her designs. If you need another reason to follow her, just check out these 3D internet acronym-themed nails

@natalieminervanails My 3D internet acronym nails last month 💕💅🏼 #nails #nailart ♬ I'm on Top - Otha
3. Hulin Wang, @its.huilin

If you’re looking for intricately-designed long nail sets rife with bling and or 3D art, then you’ll find everything you’re looking for with this nail artist. 

Like, I’m personally obsessed with this spooky nail set, perfect for a The Nightmare Before Christmas party. 

Or if you’re on the girlier side, this Philly-based nail tech’s got you covered with this heart-lovin’ mani. On top of her amazing sets, we’re living for the two-toned black-and-blond hair moment Huilin is sporting. 

4. Devin Strebler, @thenailaddict

Once you start following Devin’s account, you’ll become addicted to checking out her wicked sets. 

From hyper-specific designs, like blood splatter to ultra-realistic portraits and more, to manis based off of 90s-babies’ favorite cartoons, it’ll be hard to just follow neutral-only nail accounts after you check out Devin’s work. Thankfully, this nail artist is kind enough to share many of her tips and tricks behind many of her creations.

5. Madison McCollough, @ballpit_addict

From innovative hacks to easy-to-follow tutorials to nail designs featuring artwork inspired by classic kids cartoons to iconic horror films, you will find yourself both educated and inspired by this nail artist. 

These Rudolph nails will go down in history!

@ballpit_nails I’d love to see a nail printer do this 🤪🎄⭐️ Nothing like that handpainted dimension! #holidaynailart #rudolphnails #christmasnailart #nailartistry ♬ Sleigh Ride - Ella Fitzgerald
6. Paula, @nailsbypaular

Paula’s nail designs are an adorable mix between minimalistic and artistic for the nail loving girlie looking for a more day-to-day dressy set. 

@nailsbypaular had the sudden urge to paint some cute froggies on my nails haha 💚 i’m actually using regular nail polish for these, not gel, which i haven’t done for YEARS! 🙂 p.s. what do we think of my new setup?? i personally love it! 🙂 #nailarttutorial #cutenails #mixandmatchnails #greennails #diynails #nailpolish #nailinspo #naildesigns #nailtok #fyp ♬ Sugarsweet - Sped Up - Zach Sorgen
7. Lizzy, @lizzys_nail_art

We’re a sucker for this Miami-based artist’s incredible sets. From 3D nail designs sporting objects like TicTacs to Peeps bunnies to new takes on classic designs like the French mani, you will be scrolling through Lizzy’s designs for days.

8. Vivian Xue Rahey, @vivxue

It would be an absolute shame if we didn’t include Vivian and her gorgeous, painstakingly-detailed nail designs on this list. 

From nails inspired by classic films and shows like Howls’ Moving Castle and Bridgerton to hyper-realistic portraits, the amount of detail Vivian shows off in her designs will leave your jaw on the floor. 

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