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I’m a Pro Makeup Artist – These Are the Top 3 Beauty Services You Need to Try This Winter

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Well, hello again my Beautify Friends! I’ve been looking forward to hanging out with you this winter and chatting about all things beauty, so go grab an extra hot mocha latte and let’s snuggle up next to the fire. (I’m trying to pretend I don’t live in the desert of Arizona where it’s expected to be 72° tomorrow, so just humor me, ok?)

So here we are, making our way through winter. Time to enjoy some dual purpose layered fashions that aren’t just warm, but also give you that “put together” look we all love when the jacket, boots, and scarf all look like they were meant for each other. However, it’s usually a tradeoff. With cold weather comes fun fashion but stalking us around every corner is flaky, dehydrated skin, dry and staticy hair, and tons of new winter makeup trends we’ve been meaning to try but aren’t sure where to start! Well we can’t have our Christmas cookies and eat them too… or can we? 

You’re probably thinking “What the heck? More things to worry about than this longer than my arm New Year resolution list and how to lose the 10 pounds gained over the holidays?” Well I don’t want you to even bat an imPRESS Press-on Falsie at it!

Just let me come to your rescue and tell you about a handful of beauty services you may not have heard about or even realized were available to you. And I’m betting after you read this, you’ll wanna take advantage of at least one of them in the coming year.

1) Korean Body Scrub

The first one being something that can help address that thirsty winter season skin, aside from what your mom has been saying for years, “drink more water!”

While I highly recommend exfoliating the face and body year-round, desperate times call for desperate measures! During this cold, dry skin season try a Korean body scrub and follow it with an intensive moisture treatment for your whole body. You may be able to find a small day spa in your area that has Korean Body Scrub on its services menu, and I definitely suggest the “done for you” version of this exfoliating beauty treatment. There are just too many spots I can’t reach and so I say let the trained hand do the scrubbing! 

They usually start with sauna and steam, then soak and scrub. My dry, winter skin loves all four of those “S words”! But seriously I can never get over the amount of dead skin they get off of my body. It’s like the dead skin cells just go rolling off of me and by the time it’s done I expect the scale to show at least a 5-pound loss! I mean, it doesn’t really take off any weight, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

If the spa service version of this treatment doesn’t fit your money or time budget, you can definitely opt for a good salt scrub and Korean scrub mitten as an alternative, but at least promise me you’ll ask someone you love for help! If you’re like me, you’ll pop your arm out of socket trying to reach the middle of your back and without the elbow grease of another person, you may as well just keep using body wash and a loofa. So go all in friends! Scrub your winter blues away and then slather on the richest of body butters mixed with a body oil! You’re sure to have the shine of a JLo booty by spring! 

2) Head Spa

The second best kept beauty service secret on the list is a Head Spa! I don’t know if it’s just my TikTok feed or if you too have been seeing these amazing things pop up everywhere, but I just couldn’t take it anymore!

@angeliquelevine such a relaxing experience i would highly recommend! #hairdetox #bouncyblowdry @skinmedspapj @The Hair Bar ♬ No Lyrics - Kilo G

 I began to hunt them down and I’d even decided on driving the 3 hours to Phoenix or San Diego if necessary. Especially when it’s in the name of research and development, I’m pretty quick to pack up and head out on a road trip! 

But then, on a lazy Monday afternoon I stepped into a local massage place and to my extreme delight, I looked up at the menu and saw the words “Head Spa” on the “New Services” spot in the middle of the menu! The choice was clear! I wouldn’t opt for 30 or 60 minutes; those were for amateurs! I was going headfirst into the deep end without floaters and so I grabbed myself a 90 minute experience I’ll never forget! 

I’m telling you these things are the definition of bliss! If you’re one of the many ladies I know who look forward more to the hair washing at the salon than you do the new look of the haircut or color, then a head spa appointment is your new favorite thing! They range from super luxurious treatments in super spas, to more simplified versions like the one I got a couple of weeks ago. 

So back to me! While acting like a kid at Disneyland with a squeal and a gleam in my eye, I chose my service at the front counter, (I figured that’s why the techs were all giggling) and so a woman took me to the massage table to lay on my back and my head was over a sink bowl, like when you’re at a salon getting your hair washed except here you’re laying down. I really hope you’re picturing this and if you’re just not seeing it, you’ve got to head over to google after you finish this article so you can investigate the whole process! 

So anyway, I’m laying there on my back and the technician is sitting at the end where my head is. She begins washing my hair, massaging my scalp, combing conditioner through my hair and then a facial and neck/shoulder massage. It’s literally everything I love. I’m ready to either snore or cry at this point, but just when I think it can’t get any better she turns on a sort of shower head but it’s like a horseshoe shaped bar that’s gently spraying warm water onto my forehead. As she moves it back and forth from the top of my head toward the back, it rinses the product out of my hair and the stress out of my body. With a warm towel steaming my face, she repeats the process. This woman whom I’ve now dubbed my Scalp Angel is literally washing my cares away!! And all for about 85 bucks! Seriously I’m in love! 

After the wash, condition, and all the other jazz, she blow dried my hair and sent me on my way transformed into what felt like a jello mold, complete with little marshmallows instead of brains. I was mush! 

Now I recognize the fact that if I’d gone to the bougie day spa I originally saw, it would’ve cost maybe triple what I paid, and I’m ok with that since it probably would’ve been an even more luxurious experience. But living in a smaller city with only a handful of day spas available, I’m happy to take what I can get and I didn’t even need an appointment… that’s a BONUS!

I know you’re dying to try this or at least see a satisfying video of what the heck I just tried to describe so definitely put this on your list of must have beauty services for the new year!

3) Private Makeup Tutorial

Friends, I’m so completely serious when I say the third beauty service on the list is last but not least! It’s possibly one of the best and most transformative things you could treat yourself to this side of buying a whole new wardrobe. 

Ok, the big winner in this week’s episode of Jackie’s Favorite Beauty Services You May Not Know Exist is… drumroll please… a personalized Private Makeup Tutorial! (And the crowd goes wild!) 

Yes indeed, an in-person, designed just for you, private makeup lesson. As a professional Makeup Artist for 30+ years, I have seen more women pay top dollar to have their makeup done for everything from school pics to wedding day, and while I absolutely say splurge and have your makeup done for those memory making occasions, when it comes to looking and feeling your best every day, why not invest in becoming your own favorite makeup artist?

Take a lesson or two from someone who not only knows how to give you a beautiful makeup look but can teach you to do the same for yourself anytime you want. I don’t mean you need to learn the full glam mega lash, super contoured master bridal look. What I’m talking about is hiring a seasoned professional to work with you on finding formulas, shades, and techniques that are right for your personal style and beauty needs. 

For example, one of my top shelf menu items featured at my makeup studio is the Private Tutorial. Women are treated to a deep dive into skincare and makeup questions where they get answers and suggestions based on their individual needs, not what social media or mass cosmetic marketing says they need. Not even what their mama says they need! 

Using my experience and knowledge, I design a plan for them based on their money and time budget, as well as expectation and desired outcome. Then I teach them step by step how to care for their skin and how to apply new makeup products according to the goals we set at the beginning of the appointment. If you just need a few new tips to help you feel more put together before heading to work, or if you’re looking for a complete makeup bag overhaul, a private lesson would be an act of self-care that will long outlast a facial or new hairdo. 

Finding a local makeup artist that offers private lessons is the first place you’ll want to start. If the hunt leaves you high and dry due to living in a rural area, don’t give up. You may be able to book a virtual appointment with an artist who can meet with you via video call. Since 2020 normalized online classes and meetings, women across the globe are learning lots of new things in virtual settings, including how to do their makeup.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Artist

After you’ve checked out some options for makeup artists or makeup/skincare consultants, you’ll want to choose one you can identify with or that you feel would have experience with your specific needs. For example, don’t choose the super glam, ultra glitter makeup queen if you’re in the I don’t wear a lot of makeup club. If you’re just looking for tips and tricks for a woman over 40, find an artist who seems to specialize in makeup for women with mature skin. On the other hand, if you’re a sparkle-obsessed girlie who wants to learn how to rock a bold winged liner so sharp it’ll cut you, go in search of a “Glam Gal” makeup artist whose work showcases the bold eye looks of TikTok and most likely will be under 40. 

It’s the same thing as trying to find a hair color artist when you want to achieve a silvery blonde look. You’d better look closely at their portfolio or social media profiles and check their work or you could end up as orange as Garfield the cat!  All I’m saying is do your homework and find an artist who not only does beautiful makeup, but also has the experience to bring real suggestions and techniques to the lesson you’ll be able to understand and implement into your daily routine while standing in your own mirror. 

I say from the bottom of my heart, this is a beautiful gift to yourself you deserve to have. Knowing how to feel good about the way you look is gold.



Jackie Alves helps women rediscover their beauty, gain new confidence, and boldly step into their next season of life. She’s the Co-Founder & Head Makeup Artist of The Beauty Bar Skincare & Makeup Studio, as well as the Head Educator of The Beauty Bar Pro Makeup Academy & Creator of the studio’s line of professional makeup products.

Jackie is the Founder & Beauty Educator of The Real Makeup Artist, a beauty brand featuring on-demand masterclasses and personal, online makeup tutorials focusing on “Real Makeup for Real Women” and how to “Become Your Own Makeup Artist”.

After landing her first makeup gig at the age of 17 in Las Vegas & now having over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, Jackie uses her experience to help women overcome the challenges of finding practical beauty choices & techniques to fit their individual styles & needs in a world overrun with cosmetic companies, products, and procedures.

Jackie has worked with dozens of A-listers, including iconic fashion designers, Estel Day & Mark Tango of the fashion brand Mark & Estel, Movie Producer & Director, Kate Cohen of Straight Up Films, and several top photo & film studios in Las Vegas, Nevada.