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Everything You Need to Know About TikTok’s Fake Freckle Makeup Trend

Finally, freckles are being celebrated and not covered up.

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When it comes to new beauty tricks, tips, and trends to try, there’s no better source to hit up than the video-obsessed app TikTok. This platform has given us many a trend including the “I’m Cold” look, soft goth glam, and many, many more. One style that’s consistently been on trend has been freckles.  Every beauty lover, from e-girls to the cottage-core girlies, has fallen in love with the cutesy vibe that a spattering of freckles gives you.

What we especially love about this trend is that a facial feature that was once, sadly, teased about has become a symbol of health, fun, and fresh-faced beauty. Freckles were actually a big hit during the 60s with models like Twiggy adding in fake freckles along with their mod-style makeup looks, such as the one featured below. Currently on TikTok, there are 128.4M views for ‘Freckles Trend’.

Many beauty trends often have a cyclical pattern of coming in and out of style amongst makeup lovers, but freckles have remained a consistently cute trend in the past few decades.

@elysereneau My mom told me freckles are angle kisses and you can’t convince me otherwise #freckles #fauxfreckles #makeup ♬ original sound - Elyse

While some people go as far as temporary tattooing to get some freckles on their face, there are easier, and less painful, ways to mimic these adorable dots.  

How to Fake Freckles

There are more than a few ways you can fake some freckles, without getting inked up.As makeup influencer Kali Ledger showed in her video, specific products, like the Nabla Freckle Maker ($20), are designed to help you get a cute scattering of dots across your face in just a few seconds. 

You just take the freckle maker, place a few dots across desired areas, then take the pad of your finger, dip your finger over the dots, and carefully place the rest of the makeup product across your face. Versus doing one spot painstakingly at a time, padding the product over your face allows you to create a naturally clustered collection of dots that look as if you were naturally born with freckles. 

A few other products you could use include the social-media viral Freck OG ($22) pen or the Candy Girl Fake Freckle ($15) pen. While these products make it a bit quicker to get the look, they aren’t totally necessary. 

If you’re already a beauty lover, whether you’re a rookie or a pro, then you more than likely already have the products you need to get the look. For instance, as this TikToker shows in her video, you can use a product like a brow mascara or gel, like the Joah Beauty Brow Pencil & Gel ($10.99), and a bobby pin, an dot the product all over your face in the desired areas.

fake freckles

There are also more unconventional ways to fake the freck. As this beauty TikToker shows, some people have taken to using a cream bronzer stick, spreading the product over a head of broccoli (yes, you read that right), then dabbing the broccoli over your face. 

We wouldn’t really recommend this product as it would make for a better addition to your salad than your beauty vanity, but we applaud the ingenuity.  An easier hack we would recommend for fairer complexions is to take a stipple brush, dip it into a bronzing body cream or gel, and lightly dab the bristles coated in product across your face, let the product sit on your face for a bit before washing off, and boom you get sun-kissed freckles for no additional cost. 


@sarahnewsfx Easy faux freckle tutorial- would you try this? #makeuphacks #fauxfreckles ♬ original sound - Sarah New

Fabulously, fun freckles

For the alternative makeup girlies or the music festival lovers, often the two groups overlap, there are a few ways to take this “clean girl” makeup trend and give it a bit of extra spice.If you have your hair dyed a funky color, like blue or pink, just match your freckles to your follicles.

While there are some brow gels designed to match colorful hairdos, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy them. You can just use a product like a liquid liner, dab some dots across your face, in areas where freckles would naturally occur such as across the bridge of your nose and scattered on the tops of your cheeks, dab your finger over the product, and pat, pat, pat till you have blue, green, or whatever colored spots your desire across your face.

Another route you can go, and this is for our sparkly makeup lovers, is to take a glitter liner and use the same application method from early, give yourself some festival-ready freckles.


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