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The Hottest Nails for Spring 2024

Nail your look with pastels, pops of colors and pedicures.

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The days are longer, my inbox is flooded with sandal emails and the temp is slowly creeping up. SPRING is almost here! I’m definitely not excited about spring cleaning but I cannot wait to shop for a new spring wardrobe and that includes plenty of KISS and imPRESS nails. I have no patience for sitting at the nail salon, so I count on DIY nails. Both KISS and imPRESS offer all the trends and shapes that are all over my Pinterest boards and they last just long enough for me to get bored and try something new. Check out my edit of the spring nails I am loving from KISS and imPRESS.


Flower Power

Florals are always a must-have for spring. This season’s palette is super romantic and an extension of the dreamy #coquetteaesthetic that is still trending all over social. I am loving imPRESS NO GLUE press-on nails in ‘Snooze’ with their blue French tips and sweet blossom accents. They are girly but also modern. 


Minty Fresh

Yes, I love baby pink and lavender shades, but there are other amazing pastels that often get forgotten. Umm – mint green anyone? Emma Stone’s mint green Louis Vuitton Oscar’s dress has been in my dreams nightly. I am loving imPRESS nails in the shade ‘Hey Life’. Their mint hue is so modern, soothing and makes me want to down a pint of pistachio ice cream. There is nothing easier than imPRESS manicures. No Glue. No Dry Time. No Stress and Always Perfect.


Futuristic Vibes   

Chrome manis are still on everyone’s radar and our colorfx by imPRESS collection has an array of high-definition, metallic styles. They are right on trend and have salon-level quality. I’ve been very into silver lately and ‘The Good Days’ with its shimmery metallic effects will look great with the silver metallic sandals I have been eyeing. 

Dreams are Made of These Nails

If a glam fairy and a fashion influencer had a nail baby, the KISS Dream Dust collection would be the offspring. These manis have elements of chrome, glaze, crushed glitter and come in the hottest almond shape. The ‘Coffee Date’ style is pink, glittery and so much fun! I am buying it for all of my squad.

Pardon My French

Twists on French manis are still one of the must-have trends of the season. From metallic edges to chic black trim, classic French manis seem a thing of the past. Right now, I am crazy for color. ‘Picnic Time’ from the Voguish Fantasy is a bold way to sport some brightly hued tips. The graphic pink and purple design channels a retro 1980’s Cali vibe in all the right ways.

Pedi Please

There is nothing I hate more than walking out of the nail salon after getting a fresh pedicure and smudging it before I even reach my next stop. This season I am staying out of the nail salon and joining the DIY pedicure squad with imPRESS NO GLUE Press On pedicures. They take minutes to apply, won’t ever smudge and stay on for up to 7 days. The colors and prints are bold and fun and they look great with every sandal in your closet. Join me this season and stay out the salon!

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