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Dupe Alert: Be a Bold Laminated Brow Baddie on a Budget

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The beauty editor-approved way to achieve big, bold, laminated brows–for under $5!

Yes, it’s true, the 90’s are making a hard comeback right now, from side bangs and bucket hats to cargo pants and platforms. One trend that for sure won’t be making a reappearance are those overplucked, paper thin brows – eeek. Quite the opposite, is the bushy, bold brow that embraces your natural brow hair and all its beauty. 

We’ve most recently seen the soap brow trend and I confess; with this I am obsessed and super excited to embrace my bushy brows. But boy am I glad I found this product dupe instead of splurging on expensive brow gels and pomades that beauty influencers are posting on TikTok and Instagram

This dupe is actually a hair product –not meant for brows–but can 100% be used for them. It’s the KISS Colors & Care Edge Fixer ($4.49)

The delicious smelling gel comes in an array of beautiful pots full of scrumptious scents reminiscent of tropical fruits, like lychee and peach, some of my top favorite scents amongst others.  

How can you use the gel that’s meant to tame, comb, and style baby hairs and edges to get the laminated brow look? It’s so so easy!

Step 1:  Like normal, brush your brows with a spoolie and draw in sparse hair strokes in small, swift motions wherever needed using your favorite brow product. My favorite is JOAH’s Brow Down to Me Precision Brow Pencil.  
Step 2: Once your brows are just how you like, use a different spoolie following the same technique as before, and gently brush that spoolie in the gel applying a small amount to your brow hairs, brushing upwards and towards the arch of your brow to the side.
Step 3:  If any hairs are super long, you can trim them for a more laminated look, or you can brush the extra length to the side at an angle that flows with your brow arch through the brow tail.

And just like that, you have your brow gel dupe that doubles for those baby hairs if you want to make those cute, too.

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