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The 2023 Oscars’ Winning Nail Looks

And the award goes to…KISS!

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Photos: Thuy Nguyen/Instagram and Temeka Jackson/Instagram

On Hollywood’s biggest night, the stars turn to KISS to get their nails red carpet ready. This year’s ceremony served up the ultimate glitz and glamour of awards season. From rhinestone-encrusted tips, to sultry deep reds, the manis spotted on the red carpet were perfectly on point

Ahead, celebrity manicurists give us an up-close look at two of our favorite A-Listers who hit the red carpet with flawless manicures, and their expert tips on how to get the look at home, using KISS Professional Products.

Elizabeth Olsen

The key to any red carpet manicure is all in the prep! To achieve Elizabeth Olsen’s winning nail look, LA-based celebrity manicurist Thuy Nguyen prepped Olsen’s nails with the KISS Before and After Nail Care Kit ($6.99 on KISSusa.com), KISS Manicovery Nail & Cuticle Repair ($4.99, KISSusa.com), and KISS Manicovery Treatment ($7.99, KISSusa.com).

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KISS Before and After Nail Care Kit ($6.99, KISSusa.com) – This DIY nail expert essential will ensure your natural nails are prepped for any look and you get the most long-lasting wear, and also guarantees a safe removal without damaging your natural nails!

KISS Manicovery Nail & Cuticle Repair ($4.99, KISSusa.com) – Repair damaged nails and soften dry cuticles with this brush on pen designed for easy daily application on the go and nail serum infused with Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Almond oil!

KISS Manicovery Treatment ($7.99, KISSusa.com) – This multitasking trio revives weak, brittle nails & repairs damage from artificial nails, gel polish and acrylics!

Ariana DeBose

Celebrity Nail Artist Temeka Jackson created actress Ariana DeBose’s beautiful manicure for the 2023 Oscars! To achieve DeBose’s dazzling nail look,  Jackson used the KISS GelPRESS Starter Kit ($29.99, KISSusa.com), a revolutionary pre-sculpted gel nail extension kit that has all you need for Red Carpet-ready nails.

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KISS GelPRESS Starter Kit ($29.99, KISSusa.com)

Create a gel manicure exactly like a pro, for less time and money! This revolutionary pre-sculpted gel nail extension kit allows you to customize nails to any length, shape, and color with easy-to-follow instructions, leaving you with the best DIY salon nails straight from home.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Prep natural nails 
  • Select a proper sized pre-sculpted nail tip for each individual finger and set aside
  • Avoiding skin, apply one coat of Primer to the underside of the artificial nail tips and to natural nails; let dry completely for 1-2 minutes.
  • Next, apply a generous amount of gel ADHESIVE to the underside of the artificial nail tip that will come in contact with the natural nail
  • Gently press the tip on the natural nail starting from the cuticle area to the free edge with constant, firm pressure, making sure to remove any air bubbles. If any bubbles are present, remove tip and reapply with step 1.
  • Flash cure for 5 seconds under the Mini LED Lamp 1 finger at a time to hold the position of the tip. Remove excessive gel around the skin and underneath tip with manicure stick before moving onto full minute cure
  • Cure for additional 60 seconds to make sure sides and edges are fully cured.
  • Repeat on all 10 nails
    • Trim and file the artificial tip if needed and customize as you like
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