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7 Genius TikTok Makeup Tricks

Find your next forever hack.

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TikTok Makeup Tricks
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TikTok seems to be where everyone flocks for all their makeup and skincare tips. From martini makeup to strawberry girl beauty, there’s no shortage of inspiration for beauty looks to try out. But TikTok is also great at looking at the finer details rather than just the big, beautiful picture. From tricks on filling in a sparse-ish hairline to perfecting the application of a pout, this social media app’s got you covered.  Ahead, here are seven genius TikTok makeup tricks to try out!

Hello, Hairline Hack

Are you someone with a hairline that’s just not giving what it needs to give? Or do you want to give your hairline a bit more definition in photos? If you have an eyebrow pencil, which luckily the majority of beauty lovers do, then you’re good to go. In soft strokes, much in the same way you would do to fill in a brow, draw lines moving in the same path as your hair flows. Versus a powder that might be too smear around or a hair spray, which may just make a mess, the brow is a quick, easy way to give your hairline some extra oomph.

@naomigenes My forever hack… post partum hair loss or just a weak hairline …… spray & powder looks so unatural this blends like a dream 🫶💆🏽‍♀️ (brow pencil hair strokes) #hairlinehacks ♬ original sound - edit audios for 🫵🏻
Pat McGrath’s Perfect Pout

It is practically impossible to be a beauty lover or makeup connoisseur who has not heard of the legend we know as Pat McGrath, who is often affectionately referred to as “Mother”. She is also founder of the eponymous makeup line, known for products like the MatteTrance lipsticks or the Mothership palettes. Trust when I say that Mother McGrath gave birth to many of the iconic makeup looks that have graced the runways and red carpets of models and actresses alike. 

One of the best and easiest tricks that the legendary makeup artist revealed is that the perfect way to paint a pout is by using the pad of your finger to apply the product. While that may sound incredibly simple, it’s how she and her trained makeup artists apply the pigment that keeps the you wearing the lipstick, versus it wearing you.

Pat applies a bit of the lipstick on the back of her hand and with the pad of her index finger, presses the product to define the bow of the upper lip, before moving to the bottom lip. Instead of smearing the product or smudging it, the application helps create a soft, but define shape of the lip. Voila!

@patmcgrathreal A major lipstick hack from Vogue World 💋 Shop MatteTrance Lipstick on our website! #patmcgrathlabs #patmcgrath #vogue #vogueworld #lipstick #makeuptips #vogueworldlondon ♬ original sound - Pat McGrath Labs
Double Lip Liner

I think it is very, very, very(!) safe to say that most of us are aware that one of the best ways to make your pout look fuller is to use a lip liner, ideally in a nude shade that is a bit deeper than your own natural lip color. Well, this trick from the gorgeous Kali Ledger will blow your lipstick-loving mind.

Not only does Kali go in with a nude liner a few shades deeper than her own natural lip color to line the upper and lower lip, she does in with a second liner that’s just a tad lighter than the first one. She then draws and blends it the second line underneath the first layer of liner, creating a subtly plumper pout.

@kali.ledger Have you every tried this? I am MAXING out my lips!! Let me know if this trick works for you!!! @halfmagicbeauty 2 in 1 lip liner in ‘I have needs’ (super smudge proof, and the light side is perfect to diffuse) @thebodyshop sheer touch lip tint ‘power’ (this stains super well, looks very natural and flushed) @toofaced Lip Injection Extreme Gloss ‘say my name’ (a super pretty shade but also insanely plumping!) #liptutorial #makeup #makeuptutorial #makeuphacks #makeuptransformation #makeuproutine #skincare #glowup #tutorial #eyeliner #makeuptips ♬ original sound - KALI
Easy Eyeliner Cleanup

As much as we all love a good cat eyeliner, at one point we’ve all had the issue of having to keep up a steady hand or to touch up a messy liner. The trick provided by Painted By Spencer is an easy way to make it look like your liner was done by a professional. Take a flat ended brow brush, dip it in a light eyeshadow that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone, then stamp the powder along the cat eye to define the shape of the liner and make your cheekbones look a bit more lifted.

@paintedbyspencer LEVEL UP your makeup with this quick & easy step! 🪄 This will lift the cheekbone, clean up the eye makeup, and give an overall polished effect 🥰 #makeup #eyeshadow #tutorial #makeuphacks #hack #paintedbyspencer ♬ original sound - SPENCER
Product Placement is Key

If 2023 has taught us anything, it has shown us the importance of strategically applying concealer and blush. There is a big difference between the product placement of 2016 and 2023, where the second version makes your skin look more natural and subtly lifted. 

In 2023, we place a small dot on concealer right in the inner corner of your eye where it tends to be the darkest or most discolored, then applying blush, liquid or powder, along the outer edge and blending upwards, before setting with a light layer of powder.

Devon Aoki Blush

As much as we love a blush and powder placement that makes our faces look snatched and lifted, we can also appreciate embracing our softer features as well. The blush placement, inspired by model Devon Aoki’s iconic photoshoots in the early 2000s, emphasis a wide placement on blush from the middle of the cheek towards your ear and pulled slightly downwards.  Not only does this give your face a soft sweet appearance, it’s a perfect look for those with naturally flushed faces to try out with minimal effort.

Apply Foundation with a Spatula

No, not the one you use to flip pancakes. One product that went viral in 2023 was the makeup spatula from South Korean beauty tool brand Picasso ($25), although there are plenty of dupes available on the market, to help spread your foundation in an even layer for you to then blend out with a sponge or brush of choice. Not only is the tool super simple to use, but you end up getting the most full coverage use of your foundation, be it a light to medium coverage one, without looking cakey.

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