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BELLA Magazine + Beautify.tips Relaunch Podcast: B2B – A Beauty and Lifestyle Show

What happens when two fashion & beauty-obsessed editor-in-chiefs get together to spill the tea, share secrets, and talk shop?

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BELLA Magazine has partnered with Beautify.tips, a digital beauty platform powered by global beauty brand KISS, to relaunch its popular “Real Talk” podcast. The new podcast, now renamed “B2B: A Beauty + Lifestyle Podcast“, will be hosted by industry-known journalists and experts Janene Mascarella, EIC of Beautify.tips by KISS, and Vanessa Coppes, CEO + EIC of BELLA Magazine. The collaboration is expected to offer fresh ideas and perspectives on the latest trends and issues in the beauty industry.

What happens when two fashion & beauty-obsessed editor-in-chiefs get together to spill the tea, share secrets, and talk shop?

Welcome to The B2B: A Beauty & Lifestyle podcast hosted by two veteran journalists (and friends IRL!) Janene Mascarella, EIC of Beautify.Tips by KISS and Vanessa Coppes, CEO + EIC of BELLA Magazine.

Kick back, make yourself at home, and get your fix twice a month on breaking beauty news, exclusive interviews with experts, influencers & celebrities, information on the latest product launches, beauty-editor tips, tricks, & tried-and-true product suggestions, a glimpse behind-the-scenes of a national magazine and global beauty brand, plus candid conversations about trends shaping the fashion and beauty industries, and more.

Janene and Vanessa deliver the goods with humor and wit, and give listeners unparalleled access to the world of beauty.

The B2B: A Beauty + Lifestyle Podcast is available now on all major podcast streaming platforms.

Episode 1: Google: “What is an EIC?”

Welcome to the B2B! Janene Mascarella and Vanessa Coppes are reunited at KISS HQ, located in Port Washington, NY for their premiere podcast, and it feels so good! The two EIC’s chat about the unconventional ways they made it to where they are now (both at the helm of beauty publications), why they decided to combine forces and create a podcast, what listeners can expert in future episodes, plus, they share some of their favorite tried-and-true, can’t-live-without beauty products.

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About Janene Mascarella

Janene Mascarella holds the answers to all your burning beauty questions. Her work has been published by a variety of top-notch titles and media outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN.com, Cosmopolitan, Self, Glamour, Health, Cooking Light, Women’s Health, USA TODAY, Hamptons Magazine, Consumer Reports, ShopSmart, Modern Woman, Woman’s Day, Parenting, Consumers Digest, Parents, Family Circle, Babytalk, Weight Watchers, Working Mother, Fodor’s Travel, CBS News, Shop Etc., Taste Of Home, PureWow, and many others. She was Beauty Director of BELLA Magazine for over a decade, fashion editor of Luxury Living Magazine, a frequent beauty & lifestyle contributor for Parade.com, and regularly contributed beauty & lifestyle features for various USA TODAY glossy print magazines. She is currently EIC of Beautify.tips and senior manager of the Contents Marketing team at KISS Products.

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