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2014 Hair is Making a Major Comeback in 2024 Hair Trends

The colorful hair of Tumblr and millennial-loved side parts are flooding our feeds again.

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2024 hair trends

Hair trends from the 2010s are back in style again with a new generation of beauty creators testing out “new” (to them) styles that you probably begged a parent to let you try.  Even the celebrities who brought to life the trends during the 2010s are embracing the beauty parts of themselves from 10+ years ago. Kylie Jenner teased her King Kylie era again with pale pink hair, Lana Del Rey is blessing us with music (and a country album at that!) while sticking with her bumped voluminous hair, and Hayley Williams from Paramore is reminding everyone to have fun with hair color and dye placement. 

Now’s the time to embrace a 2014 hair trend in 2024 with inspiration from the (now) vintage glossy magazines you probably have stored under your bed and the old Pinterest boards filled with colorful hair looks. With more product innovations and options for all hair types, these hair trends of the past are coming back big time with revamped versions that embrace diversity.

Updated Sleek Bang’d Bob

Zendaya was a blossoming beauty and fashion icon in 2014 and after 10 years that status has been solidified. Recently she’s been showing off various short hair lengths giving us flashbacks to the sleek bobs of the 2010s. Hair genius Raoul Alejandre created this sophisticated wet hair look using Kim Kimble Hair Care. 

Make this trend your own with a custom Kim Kimble Wig, or by adding a light layer of hair wax to your chopped length for an instant greasy chic look. Apply the Kiss Colors & Care Edge Fixer Hair Wax Stick ($7.99) to your hands before rubbing them through your hair. This product is meant to hold, so work quickly to shape your hair as the wax sets for a flyaway-free, sleek bob. 

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Classic Wand Curls

2024 hair trends

Let 2024 be the year you embrace your inner middle-school self who learned how to use a curling iron from watching your mom, older sister, or favorite beauty YouTuber (hey Michelle Phan). Whether you woke up early in the morning to curl your naturally straight hair before school, or you wanted to add a few loose curl pieces to your silk press, a classic wand curl is proving some trends never go out of style. 

Make sure you use a heat protectant spray before using a curling wand to minimize damage to your hair. When it comes to creating wand curls, upgrade your heating tool with the Kiss Instawave 101 Automatic Hair Curler which contains a one-inch barrel for large voluminous curls. The barrel itself rotates automatically making it easy to achieve salon-quality hair. 

Tumblr-Approved Racoon Hair Color

By 2014 MySpace may have been replaced as the top social media site, but the scene-inspired beauty styles of the time surely didn’t. Reminiscent of the colorful hair of the indie bands you listened to on repeat, content creators and beauty lovers of all ages are having fun with their hair inspired by the stripes of a raccoon. Bleach your hair without the damage using the Good Dye Young Hair Lightening Kit ($17) which has everything you need to remove dark pigment for a pale blonde hue. Then, add your color of choice for a custom striped color.

Firey Chunky Blended Highlights

On the topic of fun hair color, take the chunky highlight trends of the 2010s to a new level with perfect vertical ombre highlights that mesh into each other for a seamless look. If you’re dyeing your wig at home or coloring your natural strands, use pigmented semi-permanent colors. We recommend the KISS Colors & Care Tintation Hair Color ($5.49) or the Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color ($7.99).

2024 hair trends

Boy Band Bangs

Fashion week has long been helmed as the epicenter for beauty trends, and it continues with the creative minds behind the fashion label Puppets and Puppets Fall 2024 Ready to Wear show. Finally, society is ready to recognize the swoop hairstyle as the iconic look it deserves to be embraced. Hair stylist Jimmy Paul gave the shaggy hair look popularized by punk boy band members a chic twist on a few models for the show. Apply a few drops of Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil ($59) to your hair to soften the strands for the perfect swoopy bangs.

2024 hair trends

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