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Feast Your Eyes on The Tastiest Food-Based TikTok Beauty Trends

The delicious trends that tantalize our taste buds and beautify our social feeds.

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As we step into a new year, let’s first rewind and relish the delectable food-inspired beauty trends that tantalized our senses in 2023. These trends, which went viral on TikTok, mixed the fun of food with the flair of beauty, serving up looks that were both playful and deliciously daring.

Why the obsession with food in beauty? It’s simple: food evokes emotion, nostalgia, and a sense of comfort – all elements that people love to incorporate into their beauty routines. Plus, these trends provide a visual feast on platforms like TikTok, where creativity and experimentation are celebrated. They offer a playful way to engage with beauty, moving beyond traditional aesthetics to something more experiential and fun.

Now, let’s feast on these delicious trends that have dominated our social feeds and take a glimpse at what 2024 might whisk up!

Glazed Donut Skin

The ‘Glazed Donut’ look, brought into the spotlight by Hailey Bieber, became a symbol of luxurious skin radiance. This trend aimed for a soft, luminous glow, akin to the inviting sheen of a freshly glazed donut. It emphasized hydrated skin with a subtle shine, promoting a healthy and irresistibly smooth complexion. This look became a go-to for those seeking a sophisticated yet natural radiance, blending skincare with a hint of glamour.


Tomato Girl Glow

The ‘Tomato Girl Aesthetic’ trend emerged as a celebration of natural beauty, inspiring a vibrant, sun-kissed look reminiscent of ripe tomatoes. This trend highlighted a fresh, rosy complexion, emphasizing the importance of a healthy skin routine. It was particularly noted for its use of red and orange hues in blushes and lip colors, offering a vibrant yet organic aesthetic that resonated with those seeking a more natural, earthy appearance.

Milkshake Nails

Milkshake nails  added a dash of sweetness to nail art, combining the playful charm of pastel hues with creamy, frothy textures and a sprinkle of sparkle. This trend took inspiration from the layers and colors of classic milkshakes, creating whimsical and eye-catching designs. It allowed for creative expression through nail art, appealing to those who enjoy adding a touch of fantasy and fun to their appearance.

Strawberry Girl Aesthetic


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) - Muspace Lofi

The ‘Strawberry Girl’ aesthetic tapped into the charm of berry shades, merging rosy cheeks, strawberry-tinted lips, and a sprinkle of freckles for a charming, youthful look. This trend celebrated the sweet and playful aspects of beauty, drawing inspiration from the natural color palette of strawberries. It catered to those looking for a fresh, summery look, perfect for outdoor events or casual daywear.

Blueberry Milk Nails

@whowhatwear blueberry milk nails are my whole personality for summer 2023. 🫐🥛 #summernails #nailinspo2023 #sofiarichienails ♬ original sound - whowhatwear

Diving into the deliciously serene, ‘Blueberry Milk Bath’ nails became a sensation. These nails featured dreamy blueberry hues floating in a milky, translucent base, creating a tranquil yet chic nail art look that was as soothing as a real milk bath.

Cherry Cola


Cherry Cola lips babyyyy

♬ original sound - MARINA

The Cherry Cola beauty trend has also made a significant impact in the realm of food-inspired beauty. This trend captures the classic, deep red and brown tones of cherry cola, translating them into rich, vibrant makeup looks. It’s particularly popular for lip colors, eye shadows, and even nail art, offering a nostalgic yet modern aesthetic that’s both bold and inviting.

Latte Makeup

Latte Makeup is another delicious addition to the food-inspired beauty trends. This trend captures the creamy, rich tones of a classic latte, translating them into a range of beauty products. It’s popular for its neutral, warm hues that offer a subtle yet sophisticated look. This trend is particularly appealing for its versatility, suitable for a variety of skin tones and occasions. It adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to everyday makeup routines, inspired by the comforting and familiar experience of enjoying a favorite coffee beverage.

Honey Lips

The ‘Honey Lips’ trend sweetened the beauty scene in 2023, adding a luscious, nourishing touch to lip care and aesthetics. This trend involved using honey-inspired lip products that offered both a glossy look and hydrating benefits. Honey, known for its natural moisturizing and healing properties, became a popular ingredient in lip balms, glosses, and tints. This trend appealed to those seeking a natural, dewy lip look with the added benefit of keeping their lips soft and supple, much like the comforting and healing nature of honey.

5 Food-Inspired Beauty Trend Predictions for 2024

Exotic Fruit Fiesta

Think bold, tropical shades inspired by fruits like dragon fruit, papaya, and passion fruit. This trend will likely bring vibrant colors, energizing scents, and antioxidant-rich ingredients into our beauty routines.

Caramel Swirl Hair Highlights

Think of warm, rich caramel tones swirled through the hair. This trend will focus on subtle, sun-kissed highlights that mimic the swirling patterns of caramel, adding depth and warmth to various hair colors.

Frosted Sugar Cookie

This look is all about soft, shimmering pastels and a touch of iridescent glitter, mimicking the decorative and whimsical appeal of frosted sugar cookies. The aesthetic is playful and sweet, with a focus on light, airy makeup applications that bring out a youthful, fairy-tale charm.

Merlot Makeup

This elegant and sophisticated aesthetic is inspired by the deep, luxurious tones of Merlot wine. It features rich, dark reds for lips and cheeks, capturing the essence of a fine vintage. The look is complemented by a subtle, smoky eye, using shades that echo the complex notes of Merlot – perhaps a blend of deep burgundy and soft, muted purples.

Matcha Latte Manicure

Building on the love for soothing, earthy tones, a ‘Matcha Latte Manicure’ might steep into popularity. This trend would combine the creamy, frothy texture of a latte with the serene green of matcha powder. Think soft, milky green…a calming, yet stylish nod to everyone’s favorite green tea beverage.

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